Sunday, July 3, 2011


I did it! I finally had the chance to have a quick poke around in an op-shop this week. Chas had to tag along with me, much to his disgust (op-shopping is only for girls apparently) so i tried to get him excited by saying we were like pirates going on a treasure hunt..........he wasn't too impressed with the treasures we looked at, but i did manage to find a few.

Added to my collection was another pretty little china saucer, a lovely embroidered doiley & two vintage books (one from 1942 & a classic old Lassie novel). I also found a school pinafore for Amity for $3.00, which normally value around $60 brand new, so i was pleased with that one & also Chas found the sequel to 'Gone with the Wind', 'Scarlett' - so that one definitely had to come home with us.
When we ducked into this op-shop we were on a quick time limit before school pick-up time, so when i entered the store i hastily went through my mental 'thrift list' -- the things i search for & hope to find when op-shopping. Here's what's on my list..........

  • vintage baby/toddler knitting books
  • vintage babywear
  • old golden books or Enid Blyton books
  • nice fabric
  • buttons
  • vintage crockery & vases
  • good quality kid's clothes
  • vintage deer/fawn ornaments
  • ornate picture frames
  • retro sewing patterns
  • haberdashery items
  • doll's clothes
  • embroidered doilies
  • out of print Ion Iddress books
  • milk glass
  • vintage bevelled edge mirror with a pretty etching
And anything else i find that i love is a bonus! At the moment i'm really hoping to find the mirror - i desperately want one for above our bed.........i'm still searching. So what's on your list? Which sections do head to first & what item are you desperately hoping to find?

Hopefully i'll get another chance to go thrifting again asap, (and with a bit of luck i'll find the mirror) i have really missed it! In the meantime i can check out Flea Market Finds & see all the goodies that i have already missed out on.


  1. That is a great list! The first thing on my wish list is vintage sheets, closely followed by craft books.

  2. Lovely finds, I would love to find a pretty mirror too!

  3. I always check for any vintage knitting or crochet books... scarves .. 70s bedlinen .. teatowels ..oh so so much.

  4. What a great list ... I hope you find them soon. I love finding kids books, tablecloths, doilies ... ahh the list goes on and on.

  5. That little doily is adorable. I like to look for dishes, linens, tabletop items, buttons, Scottie dog items, crystal. I keep my eyes open, though, and if something appeals to me (and it usually does), I'll step outside my normal list and happily pick it up also.

  6. I think you've hit the nail on the head as to why I am such a bad op shopper! I don't have a list! I need a list!!! x

  7. what a lovely collection of treats! love that saucer and the doily is beautiful.


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