Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter.

So that's Easter over and done with for another year!
I love Easter - much, much less stressful than Christmas and it involves chocolate and hot cross buns......what's not to love really?
We decided to spend the weekend just hanging in our local Gippsland. My hometown has an annual festival every Easter, i have many wonderful childhood memories of the parade they have down the main street every year on Easter Saturday.

My niece is one of those gorgeous little Dorothys and her brother was a scarecrow. Of course the paparazzi was there (that's my sister). Scarlett hid behind my back most of the time, she was terrified of all the people in costumes.
We had a great day hanging out with family, we usually spend the whole weekend with them, as it's about 45 minutes from our town, but we headed home to wake up in our own beds Easter morning. Our kids had never, ever spent an Easter at home and Amity was determined to find out if Easter Bunny came to our home.
Well he sure did! Easter Bunny must've got caught in the door on the way in because we found some fur trailed throughout the place - which the kids thought was more exciting than find the chocolate!
We then headed to my other sister's place to stay the night and to hang out with more cousins. My sister and i always ended up yakking the night away into the small hours.......we love a chat!
It was a fabulous Easter and lucky for us we have a great stash of chocolate and hot cross buns to keep us going for a while!
How about you, how did you spend your Easter?


  1. Sounds lovely, Malea. We had a lovely time with family over for a big Sunday lunch. All of my siblings were there so that made it extra special. Love the casual, laid back kind of Easter weekends - eating and chatting and pottering about.

  2. I had a great day, love Easter lots of fun. Thanks for the photo hehehe didn't realize you caught me on camera ;) made the caramel popcorn today, sooo yummy!! K xx

  3. That's funny because the eb got his tail caught in our door and left a trail of fluff through the house. Great minds think alike. Glad you had a good easter :)xo


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