Sunday, April 7, 2013


Autumn is finally here, the weather we had this week just made me want to sit indoors and hibernate. So i was snuggled up inside creating...........i just can't get enough. I love it when i'm in a creative mood.

I made a 'hello' sign to spruce up the front entrance - a simple white frame, scrapbook paper and letters stamped with gold paint. Easy peasy, as i always like to say.
It's school holidays here in Victoria so the kids and i made a "Bored Jar".........for you know those 'i'm booooored' days moments. We decorated a jar and then filled it with bits of paper that each had an activity for the kids to do..........blindfolded drawing, face painting, movie and popcorn, write a letter to send in the mail, make an obstacle  course, bake cupcakes, plan a dinner menu etc, etc. But not all activities were as exciting.......we also have - do a chore of mum's choice, search and destroy cobwebs, dust three rooms, give mum a massage (well there's gotta be something in it for me too doesn't there?) The kids love their "Bored Jar" and honestly, i haven't heard the dreaded words since we made it.
I've also been stitching mini embroideries for the girls, i love, love, love hand sewing i find it so relaxing and plan on doing a lot of it this winter. I have found lots and lots of gorgeous vintage embroidery designs that i can't wait to stitch.
And i've also been creative in the kitchen. It's pie season and i prettied the pies up with sweet little hearts.
How about you, have you been creating? Does the cooler weather make you feel more creative?

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