Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well it seems i'm on a roll, i found another chance to go thrifting & not once but twice! First up i went into an op-shop in town, for some reason i never seem to find much in this one - today i did manage to buy these three vintage sewing patterns. I particularly love the little overalls & will have to sew some up for Scarlett.

 My local salvo's, however, never disappoints & it's so huge - i'm always bound to find something to take home.
I found this tiny little glass vase & pink-edged doiley, which is in great condition.

And a cross-stitch of pansies - love the frame too, but thinking i may paint it.......any ideas what colour would look best? Then i found these beauties......

Two vintage pyrex bowls! Vintage pyrex is something i'd never thought i'd find, i know how collectible it is, so i snavelled these two & stashed them under the pram as quick as i could (don't worry i paid for them, i just didn't want anyone else laying their eyes on them, hehehe). I found this site Pyrex Love which is a wonderful source of information on all the vintage pyrex patterns, values & ages. These two are from the 'Spring Blossom 1' range & are from the 1970's. I never knew there were so many patterns made & saw many that i liked...........something else to add to my thrifting list!
I'm linking up again with Sophie, pop on over there & check out what fantastic finds her & many others have found on their thrifting adventures. *Next week i'll share the goodies Amity & i found on our special little oppy crawl.......we bought so much, it deserves a special post all of it's own.*


  1. Nice finds! I can't wait to go to mum's and rescue all those patterns she was going throw out. She won't let go of the barbie day....
    I would paint the frame a classic white. Simple and it won't take away the attraction of the cross stitch too much.
    Your next visit with me we will do the op's in Bendigo.

  2. i think i might add the colour cream to that frame... but that's just me loving anything pale. the pink edge to that doily now, does give it a sharp finishing...

  3. There are people now and then on sophie's blog who find pyrex dishes that look amazing. I'm going to have a look at that site you mention, it sounds very interesting. You are so lucky to have found 2, and good on you for giving no one else a chance to get their hands on them (!!), they look fantastic. I also love your little glass vase, I had never owned any until recently, seeing yours make me think that they are really pretty things. xx

  4. GREAT FINDS!! here is another wonderful Pyrex site full of the beauties us collectors LOVE!!

    Please feel free to stop at my blog too because I have lots of Pyrex :)

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. You found some lovely treasures....I love the charming pink and white doily!!

  6. You found some wonderful things. Love the little vase and doily as well as the pansies. Sweet!

  7. just lovely! what a lucky girl you are finding that pyrex :)

    thanks for your help with my commenting problems - i seem to be able to comment now so fingers crossed it stays like that!

    Have a great week - kel x

  8. i love your finds, especially the pyrex, gorgeous design and thanks for the pyrex link... i LOVE the little pansy frame. I would paint it something dark to 'frame' it because it works nicely in the existing dark frame.


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