Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've been playing.

I could pretend that Amity and i were playing Sylvanian Families in the doll house together.............
but she was at school. 
So my excuse is that Scarlett got her little mitts into there and messed it all up, so as a nice surprise for Amity i tidied it all up for her.
Then i had to take them for a caravan trip outside.
Oh and of course it's not a holiday without photos for the family album.
We  she has a great collection now, all that's needed is a bedroom suite and Mrs Sylvanian told me the other day that she wouldn't mind a little sewing corner.
I can relate to that, so i think a trip to Toyworld is on the books, for a sewing machine for the woman of the house.
My girls are going to get lots of years of fun playing with these...........
okay......... and maybe i will too.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What i am February.

It's that time again friends - hello February! Put the kettle on and make yourself a cuppa, then settle down, get comfy and see what we are all up to this last month of summer.............

: : listening  to buses - our once quiet street has just become a bus route.
: : cooking  trying my hand at this space
: : drinking  pineapple & coconut juice has become a fave
: : reading  Desert Flower by Waris Dirie, what a fascinating life she's lead
: : watching  TV's hardly on here lately and i like it
: : wanting  anything from this shop
: : pondering  whether to do bunks for the girl's room?  
: : sewing  i have the fabric, the gorgeous pattern, finally the time - just don't have the motivation
: : wishing  we had a caravan for quick getaways (and a car with a tow ball would help too)
: : enjoying  taking Scarlett to her swimming lessons
: : remembering  Black Saturday and still seeing all the evidence
: : following  Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge
: : missing  sleep in's and lazy school holiday mornings
: : waiting for our apples to ripen ( pie)
: : looking  for some new shoes for Scarlett and i - i'm a fussy shoe shopper
: : liking  indoor plants - been buying a few lately
: : wondering  what kind of birthday cake to make for my baby girl next week?
: : loving  my new Blazer
: : hoping  for a beach visit asap
: : believing  Chas may just have shaken those bad influences
: : wearing  pj's,dressing gown and no make up - pretty.....not!
: : considering  going back to curls?
: : knowing  my baby's growing too quickly.........she's two next week
: : noticing  lots of cider drinks around lately, had one and i think i may just jump on the bandwagon
: : thinking  it's tricky to fill in all these blanks sometimes!
: : needing  to use all the yummy tomatoes we have & make some pizza sauce
: : giggling  at Amity's videos she makes on my iphone, gosh she's a character
: : organizing  my linen closet - it really needs it!
: : trying   to buy less clothes at work (trying, but i did really need a blazer)
: : feeling  creative in the kitchen lately

Also this month i was nominated for a blog award by the lovely Mardi at The Love Supreme, i was so chuffed when i received Mardi's message that she gave me the award - i have been following Mardi's scrapbooking & blog for a few years now, so am so grateful that she thought of me & my humble blog. Thanks Mardi!!! (And a big hello to all my new readers). I will do another post about this award as i need to choose five recipients for the award too.
And as usual to finish off some Pinterest loving for you all. Happy February my pretties. xxx

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friggin Awesome Fritatta.

This awesome Fritatta is courtesy of our backyard...................spuds, corn, spring onion, chives & eggs from the lady chooks. Coles provided the fetta & even that was free, they gave me a sample to take home & try (but they didn't write the name on it, so i can't remember what it was called, but it's yummy!)
A delicious lunch or if you're like me, a lazy Sunday night dinner.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Five for Friday.

Snippets from our week......
{1}  Anzac bickies baked for back to school treats.
{2}Our animal lover was rapt to find these four kittens while out bike riding
{3}  First day of Grade Two & Grade One.
{4} A beautiful country side vista down the road from us. See those peaks in the far distance?
That's the High Country.
{5} Lazing in the hammock before all the back to school & extra work hours began.

Happy weekend to you all, hope it's a lovely one for you! I'm working all weekend so mine will begin Monday. Don't forget to check out my photo a day on flickr or Instagram, it's been lots of fun. xxx

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Photo a day Challenge.

This month i've decided to join in on fatmumslim's photo a day challenge. I enjoyed seeing every one's photos & interpretations on the themes in January & have been really looking forward to getting started on February. I will be taking the photos on my iphone & sharing them via Instagram (find me @franklymydear_malea) & i'll also be uploading them to my flickr page here, so you can check them out there if you're not on Instagram. If you're doing this challenge let me know & i'll follow along with you too. Now off to do a photo for day one...........