Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Sprung.

Garden courtesy of my parents, child courtesy of me.
I love this time of year, getting high on the scent of jasmine & the excitement about the coming season......the best one of all.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What i'm September.

I'm baaaack!! Well it seems i've been a little awol from here for the last couple of months, but some troubles have been fixed & i'm back pinning, blogging & blog reading again........oh how i've missed you all!
I've been a busy the last couple of months, working lots & Holly & i had our first market stall for Sadie Mae, we've lost a few pets - then gained a few more & in between i've been trying to relax with the kiddies. But here's what i'm up to this September......

: : listening to the sweet sound of.........nothing!
: : cooking  minestrone soup with meatballs
: : drinking too many hot chocs
: : reading nothing at the moment, but i just finished Cloudstreet by Tim Winton - awesome!
: : wanting a sunday off - i am in need of a sunday drive
: : teaching my children the joy of snail mail
: : playing with our new little bunny
: : remembering the days with decent internet connection
: : sewing nothing - i think i sewed myself out pre-market
: : wishing for a holiday (is it the same every month?)
: : enjoying getting my thongs out of hibernation
: : waiting for Cloudstreet to come out on dvd
: : liking the sunshine
: : wondering  if my creative mojo will ever return
: : loving our new little bunny, Lucky....he's so gorgeous
: : hoping  my creative mojo returns asap
: : believing the tooth fairy will be making her first visit here soon!
: : wearing black skinny leg jeans, pinky/orangey cardi & a new hair do
: : following found this blog & am enjoying it
: : considering the black maxi dress - but do i really need it?
: : knowing  the black maxi would look great with a brown belt.......
: : noticing  animal print is everywhere at the moment
: : thinking  you'll never catch me dead in anything leopard skin....eww
: : needing to catch up on all my favourite blogs
: : giggling  at my kids skyping their aunty & cousin interstate
: : organizing the removal of two very loud roosters
: : feeling unmotivated

I'm sorry if things are a bit quiet around here in the future, i seem to have lost my creative mojo & am also struggling to get back into blogging, taking photos, thrifting & creating..........i know gasp!  Hopefully this won't last too long & i'll be back boring you to death shortly with more posts. (That's if anyone still reads this..........hello?)