Thursday, June 2, 2011


I just wanted to say a little sorry BIG thankyou to those who leave comments here on my blog. Reading all your sweet messages really make my day & leave a smile on my face! You are all so kind.
I am not sure whether you go back & check the comments section after you have posted them, so sometimes i don't know whether to reply to them or not? I just love my blog & sharing my humble little life with you all, so please know that your thoughts don't go unnoticed or unappreciated - i cherish them all.
I also like to leave comments on the blogs i read, but lately i have been able to comment on any other Blogger blogs!? It's very frustrating, so if i'm a regular at your blog & you haven't heard from me in a while......i am still reading all your wonderful posts & am not ignoring you on purpose.

So thankyou again my sweet bloggy readers.......


  1. that is so sweet. I find your blogs so inspiring. I just have one need to blog more as I can't cope without my daily fix!!!LOL

  2. oh how lovely, yes, I love reading your blogs too. Loved the Pirate Party especially. I don't always comment, but I do always read♥

  3. thats right, our crush is mutual! going through your archives as we speak and following along!

    xo em

  4. Joanne & Lyndel, you two are my biggest fans - thankyou!
    I have fixed my problem re: commenting (thanks to mr google for the help), and now i need to fix the problem with the "followers" i am having & then i'll be following right along with you emily! xx


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