Friday, June 3, 2011

From the archives.

I stumbled (yes, stumbled......did you not know it's possible to stumble on a computer?) across a new blog recently, The Beetle Shack. Such a great read, you really should wander over (yes, you can wander too!) & check out all Emily's delightful posts. I love her From The Archives idea & had recently been thinking about looking through some old photos - this was all the motivation i needed. So here's my first From The Archives photo......

Oh my goodness, i remember this day like it was yesterday........but it wasn't because look how tiny they are! It was the 19th January 2006 a very, very hot day, there were bushfires in the district not far from my brother's house & The Bloke was there helping to hose their house down. Amity would've only been about 7 weeks old here & Chas about 19 months - he was busting to hold her, so i just braved it (and prayed he wouldn't drop her) & grabbed the camera. The grin on his face says it all. This is one of my favouritest photos ever........gosh they were so cute. Sigh.


  1. And they are still cute....

  2. beautiful little cuties!!!! thanks for your kind words about my blog too!! xxxx


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