Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's a clever girl.

The kids discovered our chook 'Moptop's' first egg today - well not technically her first egg, she relocated here from my parent's place - so it's really just her first egg here. They came running & screaming  to the house.......i don't think they have ever been that excited even after santa has visited! hahaha

And here's the clever girl who laid it for us.

Hopefully it's the first of many! She's been clucky for a while so it was a long time coming. Now i'm just picturing the fight in the morning over who's going to eat the first egg.......

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a few scenes.

Been busy around, specialist appointments, a funeral & some fun stuff like catching up with rellies, enjoying some warm sunny days & bbq's.
Hanging with cousins & meeting new ones.
Bbq's on warm evenings, oh it's amazing how the novelty of eating outside means that they eat all their dinner. Lots more bbq's coming up i think!
Walks in the cemetery (we're not really a morbid lot, my parents live nextdoor to one & we often wander over to say hello to special ones who are now resting there).
Our Lucky Bunny, isn't he gorgeous? You will have to excuse my attire though, according to Amity wearing a traky at home when not working or going anywhere is not appropriate. I got the full on up & down look when she got home from school & told that i can "still look pretty whilst vacuming"! Oh what have i raised? 
Here's to warm sunny days, hanging with family, eating good food & less traky daks & rain!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What i am doing - In October.

The bees are buzzing & the weather is warming up, Christmas is creeping up on us (why does it always do that to me?) & another year is coming to a's what i am up to this October.........

:: listening  loving this song at the moment & listening to it over & over
:: cooking  fresh bread rolls & choc swirl cupcakes
:: drinking  back on the green tea
:: reading  just started 'Scarlett', the seqeul to 'Gone with the wind', hope i can get into it
:: watching  'One born every minute' on SBS - takes me right back to the maternity ward!
:: wanting  some new summery shoes
:: playing  dress-ups at work - boy do i love working in a clothes shop!
:: wishing  our Abby cat a Happy 14th Birthday
:: enjoying  some alone time - 2 at school, 1 at creche & 1 at gym......ahhh
:: waiting  for the washing to finish
:: looking foward to catching up with cousins at a family reunion in a few weeks!!
:: liking  fabrik for little girls.....soooo pretty
:: wondering  how do you stop your child from playing with other kids who aren't a good influence?
:: loving  daylight savings - it's the best!
:: hoping  no more migraines for me for a while, i'm over them
:: believing i'm solar powered
:: wearing this & this (work clothes people, how lucky am i?)
:: considering  growing my hair long again, just after i got it all chopped off
:: knowing  i'm desperate for a really hot day, hurry up summer!
:: organizing  The Patch for some spring/summer planting (well The Bloke is, i watch)
:: noticing  Christmas decorations in the stores already - they make me run the other direction
:: thinking  of some relatives who have just lost a loved one
:: needing  to spring clean every single room in this house
:: giggling  at Scarlett's latest word 'cuck', meaning either stuck or truck (well i hope!)
:: trying to eat sensibly (trying)
:: feeling  peaceful

And of course something pretty from pinterest.......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll remember these days.

She empties all the jigsaw pieces out of their boxes, she bites me on the bum when i'm not expecting it, she's learning the art of 'tanty throwing', she pulls the bookmark out our books, she eats soap in the bathroom whilst i'm doing my hair, she wees on the carpet after almost every bath, she constantly pulls her arms out of her car seat straps, she empties her plate of food on the floor, she whacks her big brother over the head & pulls her big sister's hair, she carts dirty washing from the washing basket all over the house, she refuses to wear socks or her gumboots outside, she empties CD's & DVD'S from their covers........... oh she wears me out..............and one day i'll come back here & read this again & say 'o.m.g - i remember those days!' but gee we love her - love every little mischievous inch of her.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new favourite.

 Seriously good - McVities Digestive biscuits smeared with apricot & almond cheese, a lot like cheesecake but with out all the effort. Try it, goes down well with ginger beer.

Crappy, crappy photo i know, but i just had to scoff it & wasn't worried about focusing the camera too much at the time. I  like my food.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanging with my girls.

School holidays here in Victoria, the boy has been hanging with his grandparents & i've had a few days off work - so i've made the most of it & been busy hanging with my girls.

We've been enjoying the sunshine, with lots of walks & bike rides.

Feeding ducks & doing a spot of bird watching.

We went to a nursery (my goodness Amity was worse than a child in a toy shop, if she had her way we would've left with hundreds of plants!) & then spent the arvo in the garden.

Then i let her loose with the camera.
We also spent time baking, at the park & play centre & Amity had a night camping with dad in the tent in our backyard. I love school holidays!