Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's a clever girl.

The kids discovered our chook 'Moptop's' first egg today - well not technically her first egg, she relocated here from my parent's place - so it's really just her first egg here. They came running & screaming  to the house.......i don't think they have ever been that excited even after santa has visited! hahaha

And here's the clever girl who laid it for us.

Hopefully it's the first of many! She's been clucky for a while so it was a long time coming. Now i'm just picturing the fight in the morning over who's going to eat the first egg.......


  1. Well done chooky. Maybe avoid the fight by using it in a cake.

  2. very exciting! i am still harassing... err - i mean nagging. no. asking the husband nicely to finish our chicken coop! haha! cant wait to finally have chickens :)!

    Kel x


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