Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanging with my girls.

School holidays here in Victoria, the boy has been hanging with his grandparents & i've had a few days off work - so i've made the most of it & been busy hanging with my girls.

We've been enjoying the sunshine, with lots of walks & bike rides.

Feeding ducks & doing a spot of bird watching.

We went to a nursery (my goodness Amity was worse than a child in a toy shop, if she had her way we would've left with hundreds of plants!) & then spent the arvo in the garden.

Then i let her loose with the camera.
We also spent time baking, at the park & play centre & Amity had a night camping with dad in the tent in our backyard. I love school holidays!

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  1. Jealous!!!!!! Beautiful photos by the way. My kids have fought lots. xo


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