Friday, October 14, 2011

What i am doing - In October.

The bees are buzzing & the weather is warming up, Christmas is creeping up on us (why does it always do that to me?) & another year is coming to a's what i am up to this October.........

:: listening  loving this song at the moment & listening to it over & over
:: cooking  fresh bread rolls & choc swirl cupcakes
:: drinking  back on the green tea
:: reading  just started 'Scarlett', the seqeul to 'Gone with the wind', hope i can get into it
:: watching  'One born every minute' on SBS - takes me right back to the maternity ward!
:: wanting  some new summery shoes
:: playing  dress-ups at work - boy do i love working in a clothes shop!
:: wishing  our Abby cat a Happy 14th Birthday
:: enjoying  some alone time - 2 at school, 1 at creche & 1 at gym......ahhh
:: waiting  for the washing to finish
:: looking foward to catching up with cousins at a family reunion in a few weeks!!
:: liking  fabrik for little girls.....soooo pretty
:: wondering  how do you stop your child from playing with other kids who aren't a good influence?
:: loving  daylight savings - it's the best!
:: hoping  no more migraines for me for a while, i'm over them
:: believing i'm solar powered
:: wearing this & this (work clothes people, how lucky am i?)
:: considering  growing my hair long again, just after i got it all chopped off
:: knowing  i'm desperate for a really hot day, hurry up summer!
:: organizing  The Patch for some spring/summer planting (well The Bloke is, i watch)
:: noticing  Christmas decorations in the stores already - they make me run the other direction
:: thinking  of some relatives who have just lost a loved one
:: needing  to spring clean every single room in this house
:: giggling  at Scarlett's latest word 'cuck', meaning either stuck or truck (well i hope!)
:: trying to eat sensibly (trying)
:: feeling  peaceful

And of course something pretty from pinterest.......

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  1. love this list!

    i wish we had daylight savings up in Brisbane.... grr! and i constantly swing back and forth between short and long hair! haha! i feel your pain!

    kel x


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