Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pattern.

A couple of you have asked about the romper pattern that i used to make the pretty little girl's romper with. I was lucky enough to find this pattern at an oppy a couple of years back, it also includes a pattern for longer overalls & a cute pinnie too (which i made for Scarlett here in this post). You can't quite see the detail in the photo of the romper i made, but it has pleats at the front & the back.
Best thing is it's really quick & easy to whip up - i have made quite a few pinnies & rompers from it already.

 I know if i was a baby, i would be quite happy wearing one of these rompers on a warm summer's day......or even a pinnie with tights in cooler weather. If you're lucky you might be able to find this pattern on ebay.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Photoless Birthday Update.

Well Miss Six had a wonderful birthday, it ended up being an extremely looong day & she was a little pooped at the end of it - but that's what birthday's are about aren't they?
She was very spoiled in the pressie department - so many nice things, i've had just as much fun as her playing with them. Oh to be six again!
Her rainbow party went wonderfully, wish i could share some photos, but the little princess broke my camera yesterday. Not a happy mumma. She also had her ballet concert on the weekend, my goodness she looked pretty.........but sorry no photos.....
Now how boring is a post without pictures? To keep things interesting, here is what we gave her for her birthday.

The much wanted Sylvanian Families Caravan
I want one too, but a real-life size one. Not sure about my children sleeping on the roof though. In the meantime i'll have fun playing with Amity.

Friday, November 25, 2011

This Girl.

She has the most beautiful honey coloured frizzy hair.
Is our early bird. First up every morning.
Loves to wear jewellery, everyday.
Enjoys school so much she often gets upset on weekends when she can't go.
Has many imaginary friends.
Is a wonderful reader & just loves books.

Loves being a big sister.
Is small for her age & has tiny feet.
Takes fantastic photos, most of the photos of me on here are taken by her.
Has just overcome years of ear & hearing problems, yay!
Is such a  thoughtful, kind & caring girl.
Makes friends very easily wherever she goes.
Develops a lovely little tan in the summer.

Will not wear traky daks.
Is a chatterbox at home, oh boy.
Plays mums & dads & teachers all the time.
Collects treasures, you should see inside her school bag!
Loves watermelon, strawberries & pasta.

Is a dainty little ballerina.
Is a homebody, who loves nothing better than her own bed.
Loves pretty gardens & picking flowers.
And today she is six years old! Happy Birthday to our beautiful Amity Kiara.........
we love you so much!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Makings.

Finally, i dusted off the sewing machine & got myself (begrudgingly) busy & made a little romper. This was an order i'd had for a while for an impending baby girl due to arrive in November, the customer originally wanted one that i'd made in a green fabric but it had sold & i didn't have enough fabric left to make another. In typical me-style, i left it right to the last minute.........due to my creative mojo going awol, due to not having any time & of course due to my usual on the last possible day for my deadline & being told "she's already had the baby", i got myself busy & found some other pretty fabric & whipped up this little number.

I was very proud of my efforts & thought it was adorable, so i rang my sister-in-law (who was organizing the sale) & told her i'd finally made it, but i didn't have enough of the green fabric so i used a floral instead.......then i hear "GASP!!!"  So it turns out the 'girl' was actually a BOY!  Oh dear. I didn't have any boyish fabric in my stash & i certainly didn't have enough time to whip up another one. It seems there was a little mis-communication......whoopsie. So what can one do? Laugh. And that's what we did. 
Hopefully someone else will like this little romper at our next Sadie Mae market stall on the weekend, i think it'll look gorgeous on a pretty baby girl.
Despite my wee error, i'm glad i got my butt into gear & did some making because i must admit, getting the  scissors out & the pins & playing with fabric may just have made my mojo come crawling back home (with it's tail between it's legs). So today i had the machine out again & stitched together some coloured paper hearts for a birthday party i'm busily preparing for on Friday. I'm happy with how these turned out & can't wait to display them.

And while i'm bragging - i've also been busy in the kitchen too & last week i actually made those lamingtons i'd planned.

These were yum, but a little on the dry side, so now i'm on a mission to find me the perfect lamington recipe - something light & fluffy & chocolatey...........cos lamingtons are my favourite. 
Now while my mojo is hanging about, i'm off to Pinterest to hunt down some inspiration for my next makings & then check my diary to schedule in some 'making time'.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What i am November

Running behind with this one, yep i know. I can never keep up with the chaos that is this time of the year.......

:: listening to The Bloke snoring very loudly & wondering how on earth i am going to sleep next to that!
:: cooking attempting lamingtons for the first time tomorrow
:: drinking water is my beverage of choice
:: reading Scarlett still. i am a slooow reader
:: watching nothing, tv is boring me
:: wanting  a big belly laugh - one of those ones where you can't stop
:: remembering  weekends all to ourselves
:: sewing an adorable little romper
:: wishing  i was more organized for christmas. same every year.
:: enjoying  fresh lettuce from The Patch. yummm.
:: waiting  for the silly season to be over
:: looking forward to summer
:: liking  my new hat. thanks boss
:: wondering  when our next lot of chookies will be arriving?
:: loving  my yellow roses this year
:: hoping  for a trip to the goldfield region again soon
:: believing  it is a waste of time trying to keep this house tidy
:: wearing  nothing.......hahaha, just tricking, nude blogging - as if!
:: following  habit, check it out
:: considering  making "learning to crochet" my new year's resolution. exciting i am, i know
:: knowing  my sister makes the best mud cakes ever
:: noticing  a japanese restaurant has just opened in my town - must go!
:: thinking  i hate it when people say "my bad" drives me nuts!
:: needing  a day out & a picnic with my family, it's been too long
:: giggling  at Scarlett chatting (in her own language) at her excited aunty on the phone today. three times, she's a phone hog
:: organizing  a birthday party next week for a very excited *almost* 6 yo girl!
:: trying  to keep this house tidy. sigh
:: feeling  a little bit burnt out

Bugger a pretty picture from Pinterest this month, here's one of my own beautiful yellow roses........isn't it just perfect? Oh, i am getting old.
 Happy November peoples!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today was a good day.

A day off work,
clean floors,
long phone chats,
a bit of me-time,
home made yo-yo biscuits,
fresh picked roses,
and some free farm eggs from a neighbour.

Now this computer doesn't want to co-operate, so i'm going to quit while i'm ahead, (my apologies for the one crappy photo, it's just not happening tonight).
I hope you too had a good day & have a great weekend. x

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family, sun & lots of fun!

I'm a bit late with this post, i have been very busy at work (stocktake.....blah) & trying to keep up with all the usual household mayhem.
On the weekend my parents hosted a family reunion at their place, i had been looking forward to this for months & months..........the weekend finally arrived & the Victorian weather was extremely kind to us.
My mum is one of eight - her parents immigrated from Italy in the 1950's with five children & then had three more in Australia. These eight children gave them 21 grandchildren, me being one of them. Our grandparents lived in a beautiful old house & my family was so lucky to live next door to them! I have wonderful memories of growing up in this big family, our Christmases & family get-togethers were always so much fun.
Nanna passed away in 1988 & Nonno in 1996, but i'm sure they would be very proud of this.......

This isn't quite all of us, from my calculations, there are fifteen members missing who couldn't make it, but how's this for a branch of the family tree?!
It was a wonderful weekend & i had a fantastic time catching up with cousins & i'm already looking forward to the next one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little crush.

On this woman.....

Stevie Nicks. What an awesome voice & an amazing style.
I've been you-tubing Fleetwood Mac songs all night - this is my favourite.
Tomorrow i'm going to go buy one of their albums (yes, i do still listen to cd's)........

and listen to it over & over again, cos that's what i do.