Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What i am doing......in November

Running behind with this one, yep i know. I can never keep up with the chaos that is this time of the year.......

:: listening to The Bloke snoring very loudly & wondering how on earth i am going to sleep next to that!
:: cooking attempting lamingtons for the first time tomorrow
:: drinking water is my beverage of choice
:: reading Scarlett still. i am a slooow reader
:: watching nothing, tv is boring me
:: wanting  a big belly laugh - one of those ones where you can't stop
:: remembering  weekends all to ourselves
:: sewing an adorable little romper
:: wishing  i was more organized for christmas. same every year.
:: enjoying  fresh lettuce from The Patch. yummm.
:: waiting  for the silly season to be over
:: looking forward to summer
:: liking  my new hat. thanks boss
:: wondering  when our next lot of chookies will be arriving?
:: loving  my yellow roses this year
:: hoping  for a trip to the goldfield region again soon
:: believing  it is a waste of time trying to keep this house tidy
:: wearing  nothing.......hahaha, just tricking, nude blogging - as if!
:: following  habit, check it out
:: considering  making "learning to crochet" my new year's resolution. exciting i am, i know
:: knowing  my sister makes the best mud cakes ever
:: noticing  a japanese restaurant has just opened in my town - must go!
:: thinking  i hate it when people say "my bad"......it drives me nuts!
:: needing  a day out & a picnic with my family, it's been too long
:: giggling  at Scarlett chatting (in her own language) at her excited aunty on the phone today. three times, she's a phone hog
:: organizing  a birthday party next week for a very excited *almost* 6 yo girl!
:: trying  to keep this house tidy. sigh
:: feeling  a little bit burnt out

Bugger a pretty picture from Pinterest this month, here's one of my own beautiful yellow roses........isn't it just perfect? Oh, i am getting old.
 Happy November peoples!


  1. I love reading these blogs. I reply and comment in my head. xo Jo

  2. good luck with the party planning! you will have to post photos :)

    love these lists!

    Kel x

    p.s - learning to crochet has been on my to do list for years now! haha! i learnt once and made a few dishcloths but then i forgot! haha! good luck :)


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