Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pirate Party Done & Dusted.

Well we had the much anticipated pirate party yesterday.....

We had the party at home - i know.....gasp!!!  I realize that having a party at a play centre, pool, gymnastics centre, fast food outlet etc, is a heck of a lot easier, but i personally can not get my head around paying a crazy amount of money for a measly amount of crappy food & a miserable icecream cake - besides.......this mumma enjoys creating a party with a theme.

I found the free printable bunting, cupcake wrappers & toppers over here & she also has invitations & a few other goodies in the pirate theme. Aren't they wonderful?! A lovely friend gave us the little treasure chests & a big inflatable treasure chest (which i forgot to take a photo of), we filled the mini treasure chests with some treasures & locked them, at the end of the party we gave each child a key to open them. The big treasure chest was used for the guests to place their gifts in.

We entertained the kids with a treasure hunt outside & of course buried the prize in the sandpit. It was far too wet & sloshy in the backyard for them to play unfortunately, so we stayed indoors & ate & played more games.

And naturally there was cake!! Isn't this cake awesome? I am lucky enough to have a very talented sister & sister-in-law who can create wonderful kids cakes, my sister-in-law Holly made this pirate ship cake for Chas & she did such a great job, he loved it!
So that's it. We had one very tired pirate by the end of the day, but a very happy one too.
All over for another six months....i am already planning a rainbow theme for Amity.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Keeping warm.

By Jingoes it's turned cold! Winter is not quite here, but it sure feels like it already. I dread this time of the year & the changing seasons getting colder......i'm already dreaming of warm summer days & reading blogs from America is making me feel mighty jealous at the moment! I am spending my time knitting (a scarf, because that's as far as my knitting abilities go), making pretties for an up coming market stall, rotating our washing on the clothes horse, wiping noses, organising a pirate party & snuggling up in front of the heater.
Hope you are all keeping warm too - unless of course you are lucky enough to be in the Northern Hemisphere right now!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Boy.

Has the most beautiful blonde curls that he despises, but he refuses to get a haircut.
Is a left-handed 'molly duker.'
 Is a mathamagician.
Is a very snuggly & cuddly boy.
He is a night owl & certainly not a morning person.
He suffers migraines (sorry mate, that's from my genes).
Has a new best friend every week.

He loves to explore & really enjoys an adventure.
Is quiet & shy.
He is a thinker - you can see his mind ticking all the time.
He is our first born, he taught me how to be a mum.
He's a follower & worries what people think too much.
He looks just like his dad did when he was a boy.
He's not fond of having his photo taken.

He wants to learn the guitar.
Is very photogenic, the camera loves him.
He is quite particular with clothes & has his own distinct style.
He doesn't feel the cold & is often hot when i am freezing.
He has a sweet tooth & doesn't like eating meat.
He has a phobia of dogs.
He is a fantastic swimmer & very sporty all round.

And this boy is seven years old today!
Happy Birthday mate, we love you so much.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Sometimes i take too much to heart.
Sometimes i just need to forget about the people who forget about me.
Sometimes i just want to whinge, rant & bitch - but i know that's not what people want to hear.
Sometimes it's best just to surround yourself with the people who make you feel good.
Sometimes i just need to get things off my chest!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Aren't they cute? From vinnies & perfect for keeping herbs on my kitchen window-sill or a couple of flowers Amity has picked for me. It wouldn't be Sunday with out Flea Market Finds......go check all the other lovely treasures out. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Filling in the blanks.

I am so proud that i :: have taken the steps this year to do the things i've wanted to do for a while.

I love it when :: i get a lovely surprise. Not enough surprises any more.

I wish i could :: be more of an extrovert. i am too shy.

If i could be anywhere else :: it would be somewhere warm & tropical. I do not like the cold.

If money wasn't an issue :: i'd get my legs done.

Nothing makes me happier than :: a sunday drive in the hills with my family.

I just wish i had one more :: room in this house. A family - crafting - study - guestroom - room.

When i am bored :: I head straight to Pinterest or make lists like this.

There is never enough time :: to sit quietly for an hour or so & just read.

I am content with :: my weight.

Too many times i have ::  said i will not waste time on the computer today. Here i am.

It might seem weird :: but i can not eat eggs unless they're smothered in tomato sauce.

I am a believer in :: what goes around comes around.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Weekend.

We had a lovely weekend staying with friends in Melbourne, it was great to just getaway, even just for one night & the kids loved seeing the "big city". Our friends live on the other side of the city & it was the first time we had visited them, of course these country hicks got themselves lost, but after driving around for half an hour (and a few curse words, lol!) we ended up finding our way.....
*Note to self: must add a Navman to The Blokes birthday list*

Another couple were also staying at our friends place too & us three ladies managed to nab the afternoon to ourselves & left the six kids with The Blokes & headed to Harbour Town shopping centre at Docklands. Oh what without children, finding myself a couple of bargains & drinking the BEST dark hot chocolate i've ever had at San Churro. I cannot rave about the hot chocolate enough - it was that good.
We headed back home on Sunday arvo - our trip home was much smoother, with three kiddies asleep almost all the way in the back seat. I enjoyed our weekend to the big smoke, but i must say, i'm always happiest when i see those mountains close to home.
Speaking of weekends away........has anyone checked out the Lark blog lately? They have a feature on their absolutely gorgeous Lark house, in the lovely town of Daylesford.
I have just added another getaway to my wish-list! The house looks like the perfect place to stay & Daylesford & the surrounding district is a fantastic place to explore. Here are a couple of photos to tempt you.......go check out the blog for more photos & details.

I think i really want to move in permanently! Have a great week everyone, i'm off to clean out my linen closet - oh what joy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello Weekend!

Hello Blogger back up & running!
Hello grey skies & cold weather. Hello hot chocolates.
Hello good results from the paediatrician. Hello pasta!
Hello Tupperware Party booked (whoops).
Hello gorgeous little baby boy & welcome.
Hello chook house almost finished.
Hello poor baby girl with squashed bruised fingers
Hello antibiotics, goodbye infection.
Hello nice clean car.
Hello weekend away with friends.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I finally managed to duck into an op-shop this week! The Bloke & i had done a quick grocery shop at a nearby town & he told me to have a quick look in the op-shop while he put the groceries in the car - glad he did.....i found this little vintage dress for $2.50. It doesn't have a brand or size on the label, but i'm guessing it's about a 000 & by the fabric used, i think it's late 60's to 70's (good old polyester!), it's also in fantastic condition.  My stash of vintage babywear is slowly growing. I also found a Pumpkin Patch skirt, a pretty little Seed tank top & a book for Amity & all i spent was $4.75 - got to love a that.
I hope all you mothers out there have had a lovely Mother's Day. I was very spoiled by my little family today, i got a sleep-in & two breakfasts in bed (Chas & Amity both wanted to give me something different), they gave me those awesome boots i really wanted, plus the goodies they purchased for me at the school mother's day stall (i love seeing what they choose for me & this year they chose the same thing!) & Chas surprised me with the loveliest handmade card that he managed to hide from me & his dad.........i love it so much & i'm going to treasure it forever! I had a quick visit from my mum & then we all went on a family bike ride (don't worry i didn't wear the new boots - but i was tempted, hehe), we ended up riding past a restaurant in town that had an all-you-can eat Mother's Day buffet on & on the spur of the moment The Bloke decided to have lunch there. Then after a massive pigout we rode to a park, let the kids have a play & then rode back home. After Scarlett's nap we jumped in the car for my favourite thing of all - a Sunday Drive! We headed for the hills & stopped way up in the middle of nowhere & all got for a walk & an explored. It was freeeeezing, but we loved it & are definitely going to head back there oneday to explore further. Then home again where Amity & i made a yummy choc-swirl cake together & after our massive lunch & my two breakfasts (i don't even usually eat breaky!) we just had toasted sandwiches for dinner. I had a fantastic day & felt so blessed with how my little family have looked after me today!
As always i have linked up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.....go check it out.
Happy Mother's Day to all my mummy readers xxx

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What i am doing - In May

May! We've got a busy month ahead, lots of birthdays & appointments coming up.  So here's what i'm up to....

:: making   lots & lots of yummy bread products lately....mmmm comfort food

:: listening  fallen in love with John Butler all over again 

:: cooking  cauliflower soup is on tonight's menu - don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

:: drinking  jasmine green tea - what else?

:: reading  Country Style magazine

:: wanting  those boots i saw the other day. desperately.   eeek, i'm getting them for     mother's to act all surprised for the kids!!

:: looking  for some time to get some sewing done

:: playing  with the look of my blog, i'm finally getting it the way i want

:: wasting  precious sleep time every night reading

:: sewing  same as last month - need to pull my finger out, me thinks

:: wishing  for a getaway. anywhere

:: enjoying  the long walks i've been taking daily. i've been a good girl

:: waiting  for news on a little baby's arrival......exciting times!

:: liking  that it's mother's day on sunday

:: wondering  why don't manufacturers make more fabric & papers in yellow?

:: loving  looking through my gran's old photos - so many memories

:: hoping  that the results we are waiting on come through negative

:: marvelling  at how quickly our easter eggs are disappearing (actually, i shouldn't be surprised)

:: needing  to get op-shopping, it's been too long

:: wearing  jeans, cardi & purple top

:: following  all the royal wedding details....oh that dress!

:: noticing  Chas really needs some positive motivation at the moment

:: knowing   i've just got to have confidence in myself

:: thinking  my computer is RS

:: bookmarking  vintage images, love them

:: opening  the linen closet & thinking i really must sort all the clutter out asap

:: giggling  at Scarlett's 'birdy' obsession

:: organising  Chas' 7th birthday party. fun, fun, fun

:: feeling  anxious
And this is them in May, being them. Hope you all have a lovely May.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


On Easter Monday, my sister & i visited the annual Trash & Treasure market in our home town - we do this every year, but this year we were disappointed, seems there was plenty of trash & not much treasure. Then on the way home we walked past a garage sale & decided to have a quick peek. Oh my, am i glad we did!! I found a box of old knitting books & started browsing, i soon had a decent little pile.

Although i can't knit, i collect old knitting books. I love them. I love the old-fashioned knits & the pictures. My mother-inlaw knows a lovely old lady who loves to knit & has no one to knit for, so we give her the pattern & wool & she very kindly (and quickly) knits them up for us. She has knitted many beautiful things for my children & everytime they wear them, they always receive lots of comments. Anyway back to my total i found 16 knitting books from the 50's & 60's & as an added bonus i also found a 1953 Woman's Weekly magazine! (I think it deserves a whole post of it's own!). As i went to pay i had no idea how much my pile was worth & when the lady said one dollar - i think my jaw almost hit the ground! I tell you i almost ran out of there thinking the lady was going to suddenly realize that they may actually be worth a lot more & call me back, hahaha! I can't stop flicking through them & have chosen a few things already i want knitted up for the girls (Chas won't wear the 'furry' clothes anymore).
Here are a few of the lovely knitted items we've had made for Scarlett recently.........all patterns from vintage knitting books. Oneday i will learn to knit - hopefully before i am a grandmother!

As always, go check out what wonderful goodies Sophie & lots of others have found during their treasure hunts. Happy Sunday!