Sunday, May 8, 2011


I finally managed to duck into an op-shop this week! The Bloke & i had done a quick grocery shop at a nearby town & he told me to have a quick look in the op-shop while he put the groceries in the car - glad he did.....i found this little vintage dress for $2.50. It doesn't have a brand or size on the label, but i'm guessing it's about a 000 & by the fabric used, i think it's late 60's to 70's (good old polyester!), it's also in fantastic condition.  My stash of vintage babywear is slowly growing. I also found a Pumpkin Patch skirt, a pretty little Seed tank top & a book for Amity & all i spent was $4.75 - got to love a that.
I hope all you mothers out there have had a lovely Mother's Day. I was very spoiled by my little family today, i got a sleep-in & two breakfasts in bed (Chas & Amity both wanted to give me something different), they gave me those awesome boots i really wanted, plus the goodies they purchased for me at the school mother's day stall (i love seeing what they choose for me & this year they chose the same thing!) & Chas surprised me with the loveliest handmade card that he managed to hide from me & his dad.........i love it so much & i'm going to treasure it forever! I had a quick visit from my mum & then we all went on a family bike ride (don't worry i didn't wear the new boots - but i was tempted, hehe), we ended up riding past a restaurant in town that had an all-you-can eat Mother's Day buffet on & on the spur of the moment The Bloke decided to have lunch there. Then after a massive pigout we rode to a park, let the kids have a play & then rode back home. After Scarlett's nap we jumped in the car for my favourite thing of all - a Sunday Drive! We headed for the hills & stopped way up in the middle of nowhere & all got for a walk & an explored. It was freeeeezing, but we loved it & are definitely going to head back there oneday to explore further. Then home again where Amity & i made a yummy choc-swirl cake together & after our massive lunch & my two breakfasts (i don't even usually eat breaky!) we just had toasted sandwiches for dinner. I had a fantastic day & felt so blessed with how my little family have looked after me today!
As always i have linked up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.....go check it out.
Happy Mother's Day to all my mummy readers xxx


  1. Gorgeous little dress! It sure sounds like you had a fabulous day!

  2. Your day sounds so nice. My day went well too but with no gifts, by my request, and I even managed some sewing. You are such a bargain queen. Very cute dress. xo

  3. wow what a busy, fun Mothers Day you had. Please do treasure that card from Chas. Check out my mothers day blog on my Vintage, Retro... blog to see the card I made my Mum when I was about 6, she kept it forever ♥ --

  4. sounds like you had a great day..what you deserve. I had a good day with my Saturday (which I passed you waving my arm out to you at the carpark kmart!) and a nice lunch at the park and very spoilt with the presents, especially the homemade to love them the most!


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