Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Boy.

Has the most beautiful blonde curls that he despises, but he refuses to get a haircut.
Is a left-handed 'molly duker.'
 Is a mathamagician.
Is a very snuggly & cuddly boy.
He is a night owl & certainly not a morning person.
He suffers migraines (sorry mate, that's from my genes).
Has a new best friend every week.

He loves to explore & really enjoys an adventure.
Is quiet & shy.
He is a thinker - you can see his mind ticking all the time.
He is our first born, he taught me how to be a mum.
He's a follower & worries what people think too much.
He looks just like his dad did when he was a boy.
He's not fond of having his photo taken.

He wants to learn the guitar.
Is very photogenic, the camera loves him.
He is quite particular with clothes & has his own distinct style.
He doesn't feel the cold & is often hot when i am freezing.
He has a sweet tooth & doesn't like eating meat.
He has a phobia of dogs.
He is a fantastic swimmer & very sporty all round.

And this boy is seven years old today!
Happy Birthday mate, we love you so much.


  1. What a big boy and those curls - wow! Enjoy your blessed day! xo Rach

  2. But he has your nose. This is a beautiful blog entry. And I hardly ever get to see the Chas man as he is never home when I visit, such a social little butterfly.

  3. Oh Happy Birthday young man! what a lovely story your Mum has told us about you.♥


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