Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Weekend.

We had a lovely weekend staying with friends in Melbourne, it was great to just getaway, even just for one night & the kids loved seeing the "big city". Our friends live on the other side of the city & it was the first time we had visited them, of course these country hicks got themselves lost, but after driving around for half an hour (and a few curse words, lol!) we ended up finding our way.....
*Note to self: must add a Navman to The Blokes birthday list*

Another couple were also staying at our friends place too & us three ladies managed to nab the afternoon to ourselves & left the six kids with The Blokes & headed to Harbour Town shopping centre at Docklands. Oh what fun.........shopping without children, finding myself a couple of bargains & drinking the BEST dark hot chocolate i've ever had at San Churro. I cannot rave about the hot chocolate enough - it was that good.
We headed back home on Sunday arvo - our trip home was much smoother, with three kiddies asleep almost all the way in the back seat. I enjoyed our weekend to the big smoke, but i must say, i'm always happiest when i see those mountains close to home.
Speaking of weekends away........has anyone checked out the Lark blog lately? They have a feature on their absolutely gorgeous Lark house, in the lovely town of Daylesford.
I have just added another getaway to my wish-list! The house looks like the perfect place to stay & Daylesford & the surrounding district is a fantastic place to explore. Here are a couple of photos to tempt you.......go check out the blog for more photos & details.

I think i really want to move in permanently! Have a great week everyone, i'm off to clean out my linen closet - oh what joy.

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  1. Linen cupboard rates as high as the tupperware cupboard on the annoy list...hope it wasn't too painful


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