Friday, May 27, 2011

Keeping warm.

By Jingoes it's turned cold! Winter is not quite here, but it sure feels like it already. I dread this time of the year & the changing seasons getting colder......i'm already dreaming of warm summer days & reading blogs from America is making me feel mighty jealous at the moment! I am spending my time knitting (a scarf, because that's as far as my knitting abilities go), making pretties for an up coming market stall, rotating our washing on the clothes horse, wiping noses, organising a pirate party & snuggling up in front of the heater.
Hope you are all keeping warm too - unless of course you are lucky enough to be in the Northern Hemisphere right now!

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  1. oh I'm knitting a scarf too, because I'm up to a tricky bit on the bolero I'm knitting, and need to concentrate on that, but need to knit in front of the TV, so a scarf it is! Sure is getting chilly here in Melb.


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