Monday, June 18, 2012

My style.

So, i was unpacking new stock at work the other day and thinking about the things i would wear and the ones you wouldn't catch me dead in.........and then i suddenly got to wondering-
If i dropped dead tomorrow, what would they dress me in to bury???
I know, crazy, but it's a valid point don't you think? People often discuss the songs they want played at their funeral, but do they ever discuss their outfit?

So what's my "style"?

I wear skinny jeans almost everyday. Jeans are my go to (lucky i work in a jeans store).
I rarely do patterns or florals.
I like stripes.
I like neutral and earthy colours. I don't do brights.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

I like boots and ballet flats.
I always wear accessories - earrings, scarves, necklaces and rings.
I love cardis and blazers.
I don't think i'll ever wear anything with animal print.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

l have a fondness for lace, ruffles and frilly bits.
I love long skirts and maxi dresses.
I love trawling pinterest and adding clothes and outfits to my "this is mumma's style" board
and i love helping customers at work find a perfect outfit for them.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

I guess you could call me a fashion victim - always have been, always will be.
So, what's your style? The one clothing item you can't live without? What would you like to be buried in?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Winter Sun.

We had rain here early last week, a lot of rain. You may have heard about the floods here in Gippsland on the news.
So on glorious days like today, when the sun is shining in winter, we excitedly head outside and hang our washing on the clothes line and make the most of those delicious rays.

And begin to count down the days to summer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What i am doing...........In June.

Hello. I'm sorry this place has been very neglected the last few months, i've been in a massive blogging funk (like this lady here, hopefully her's is not as bad as mine - i'd have withdrawls if she didn't post). I've started many posts and left them waiting in my drafts........ So i thought perhaps the best way to get back into it was with one of my fun "What i am doing" post - i always enjoy writing these! By the way, it's June?!  Where is 2012 going?
Anyway here goes............

:: listening  to Scarlett sing 'paradise' by Coldplay all day, everyday. No nursery rhymes for that girl!
:: cooking  Potato & Leek soup is now my new fave.
:: drinking  hot chocolate weather is definitely here.
:: reading  'Don't wake me at Doyles', a tough Irish woman's biography.
:: watching Offspring season 3 - yay!
:: wanting  our bunnies to have more babies, i found two dead ones in their hutch the other morning :(
:: pondering  whether breeding rabbits is such a good idea? lol
:: sewing  have some lovely fabric to cut out to make some pretty nappy covers
:: wishing the new bridge they are building near us won't take long. We are tired of the long detour already.
:: enjoying  winter fashion. I love cardis, jackets, boots and scarves.
:: missing  our dear Grandma, it's been a month now.
:: waiting  for some test results, i need answers.
:: looking  through my Jamie Oliver books, for something new and yummy to try.
:: liking  my girls in tights, tights are nice.
:: wondering  when our ladies are going to start giving us more eggs
:: loving  my new perfume 'Heat Rush', lovely and fruity (silly name though........ i keep thinking heat rash. lol)
:: hoping  my kids bring home lovely school photos again this year.
:: believing  our house has become a chinese laundry, trying to get all our washing dry.
:: wearing  good old hoodie and comfy jeans
:: considering  after trying to grow my hair long again, to go short short.......hmmmm
:: knowing  i will never like my hair whatever i do with it
:: noticing  i'm wearing too much black lately.
:: thinking  it's time i just picked a date & went on a train journey
:: needing  some colour in my life!
:: marvelling  at how easily Scarlett has been to toilet train.
:: trying  to find a little time to sew
:: smelling  like chlorine from the pool today, after two showers it's still lingering.
:: feeling  inspired to blog again. Maybe.

Well there we go, not as hard as i thought! Happy June peoples, stay warm and if you're one of those lucky Northern Hemisphereans just beginning summer - stop teasing us with your beach shots already!!! Ha ha ha.