Sunday, June 3, 2012

What i am doing...........In June.

Hello. I'm sorry this place has been very neglected the last few months, i've been in a massive blogging funk (like this lady here, hopefully her's is not as bad as mine - i'd have withdrawls if she didn't post). I've started many posts and left them waiting in my drafts........ So i thought perhaps the best way to get back into it was with one of my fun "What i am doing" post - i always enjoy writing these! By the way, it's June?!  Where is 2012 going?
Anyway here goes............

:: listening  to Scarlett sing 'paradise' by Coldplay all day, everyday. No nursery rhymes for that girl!
:: cooking  Potato & Leek soup is now my new fave.
:: drinking  hot chocolate weather is definitely here.
:: reading  'Don't wake me at Doyles', a tough Irish woman's biography.
:: watching Offspring season 3 - yay!
:: wanting  our bunnies to have more babies, i found two dead ones in their hutch the other morning :(
:: pondering  whether breeding rabbits is such a good idea? lol
:: sewing  have some lovely fabric to cut out to make some pretty nappy covers
:: wishing the new bridge they are building near us won't take long. We are tired of the long detour already.
:: enjoying  winter fashion. I love cardis, jackets, boots and scarves.
:: missing  our dear Grandma, it's been a month now.
:: waiting  for some test results, i need answers.
:: looking  through my Jamie Oliver books, for something new and yummy to try.
:: liking  my girls in tights, tights are nice.
:: wondering  when our ladies are going to start giving us more eggs
:: loving  my new perfume 'Heat Rush', lovely and fruity (silly name though........ i keep thinking heat rash. lol)
:: hoping  my kids bring home lovely school photos again this year.
:: believing  our house has become a chinese laundry, trying to get all our washing dry.
:: wearing  good old hoodie and comfy jeans
:: considering  after trying to grow my hair long again, to go short short.......hmmmm
:: knowing  i will never like my hair whatever i do with it
:: noticing  i'm wearing too much black lately.
:: thinking  it's time i just picked a date & went on a train journey
:: needing  some colour in my life!
:: marvelling  at how easily Scarlett has been to toilet train.
:: trying  to find a little time to sew
:: smelling  like chlorine from the pool today, after two showers it's still lingering.
:: feeling  inspired to blog again. Maybe.

Well there we go, not as hard as i thought! Happy June peoples, stay warm and if you're one of those lucky Northern Hemisphereans just beginning summer - stop teasing us with your beach shots already!!! Ha ha ha.

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