Monday, June 18, 2012

My style.

So, i was unpacking new stock at work the other day and thinking about the things i would wear and the ones you wouldn't catch me dead in.........and then i suddenly got to wondering-
If i dropped dead tomorrow, what would they dress me in to bury???
I know, crazy, but it's a valid point don't you think? People often discuss the songs they want played at their funeral, but do they ever discuss their outfit?

So what's my "style"?

I wear skinny jeans almost everyday. Jeans are my go to (lucky i work in a jeans store).
I rarely do patterns or florals.
I like stripes.
I like neutral and earthy colours. I don't do brights.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

I like boots and ballet flats.
I always wear accessories - earrings, scarves, necklaces and rings.
I love cardis and blazers.
I don't think i'll ever wear anything with animal print.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

l have a fondness for lace, ruffles and frilly bits.
I love long skirts and maxi dresses.
I love trawling pinterest and adding clothes and outfits to my "this is mumma's style" board
and i love helping customers at work find a perfect outfit for them.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

I guess you could call me a fashion victim - always have been, always will be.
So, what's your style? The one clothing item you can't live without? What would you like to be buried in?


  1. I wanna be buried in UGGS and some comphy pj's a singlet top and a soft cotton cardi...thats my favourite style...that's what my children would like to see me in for the last time... :-)...odd I know ...but totally me. xo
    p.s love your put together styles above..x

  2. Ha ha. My Grandfather was an undertaker in a funeral home. I know he had to dress the bodies. Not so sure what he dressed them in but I remember a story about Nan finding out her lipstick had been used. :-)


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