Friday, December 30, 2011

Thankyou 2011.

You were pretty good to us Twenty Eleven. After a few crappy years, i'm pretty happy with the memories of the year we had with you.....
To begin with, i started this here blog, then i began a little handmade business Sadie Mae making baby & children's clothes & accessories to sell at markets with my sister-in-law, Holly. 
If that wasn't enough, back in June i re-joined the workforce in a clothing store after seven years of being a stay-at-home.
All that craziness caused me to loose a lot of weight & i began to have to regularly dye my hair, ha ha.
I discovered & became addicted to Pinterest (pinner's anonymous anyone?), i read the wonderful book Cloudstreet, am learning to crochet & have learnt to balance my work/home life.
Scarlett had a big year too, she had her first birthday & learnt how to walk.
She weaned herself off breastfeeding & began going to creche regularly. 
She has gone from baby to little girl, in almost a blink of an eye.

Amity began Prep & her first year at school. She absolutely thrived on learning & just loved it.
Her reading & writing is beyond awesome & we are quite proud of her end of year report.
She made lots of new little friends, particularly her best friend Amber.
It was her first year also of ballet, which was perfectly dainty for her.
Health wise, things were a little different - she's had numerous blood tests & xrays & been a very brave girl in the process. Some results came back good, but a few things are still being investigated.
She is under the wonderful care of a very lovely lady paediatrician.
She did however, after numerous doses of antibiotics finally overcome years of constant ear problems & her hearing is now back to normal.
The cleverness did not stop in the classroom, this little miss also learnt to ride her bike without training wheels!

And Chas......well it's certainly been an interesting year for him too.
He was in Grade One this year, with a wonderfully kind teacher.
However, our boy was lead astray by a few ratbags in his class, oh we know he's no angel, but the influences he's had haven't been very positive.
On the other hand, he made a best friend Jordan & they have a wonderful friendship.
He struggled a little with his confidence, but we are looking to Grade Two with a positive attitude.
He finally lost his first tooth this year, much to his delight. 
His hair grew to a massive mop of curls, then he caught nits. Bye bye curls.
We have watched him grow from a little boy to almost a tween - everything has to be cool.

The Bloke, well this year has been fairly uneventful for him (i think the rest of us made up for that!)
His beloved Cats won another AFL premiership,
He celebrated a 'special' birthday, 
He said goodbye to an uncle who passed away in October,
and he's done a wonderful job caring for the kids while i'm working - 
he spent a lot of time helping out in the kid's classrooms, much to the gratefulness of their teachers.
As a family in general, we had a few events too that we'll remember......
we sadly farewelled  three very close family members who have moved interstate.
A family reunion was held on my maternal side, it was a great catch up.
And then there's the's become quite a menagerie here.
Our poor guinea pig Roxy died, so we replaced her with Snowy who too quickly joined Roxy in guinea pig heaven. The kids gave up on guinea pigs, so Lucky ('lucky' to live), our cheeky white bunny joined us & our other bunny Flopsy.
We also lost a goldfish (which the kids were quite happy to flush down the loo!) & then two more joined the tank.
Then there was the chooks. The Bloke & the kids came home with three fluffy Silkie chooks (that's what happens when you let the kids choose, they chose the prettiest), we waited & waited for eggs, but something else began - their crowing. Turns out our chooks were roosters = unhappy neighbours.
So it was goodbye to the fluffy chooks & hello to our extra friendly four new chooks who provide us well with fresh eggs.
And our Abby cat turned the grand old age of thirteen!
We had four trips to the Emergency Department, with The Bloke having a couple nights stay - in my opinion it was four too many.
So all in all, it was a good year for us.
Hopefully 2012 will be much the same.....
finger's crossed, the big kids have a great year at school & Scarlett picks up toilet training easily (eek!)
And i'm also hoping it'll include some nice new floorboards, a new camera, a new couch & perhaps a new car......but let's not get too carried away now.......
Happy New Year to you all, i hope 2012 is a safe & happy year for you filled with lots of happy memories. xxx

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry, Merry....

Wishing you, all my lovely blog readers a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all enjoy the special day with your loved ones & if you receive some great gifts.........well that's a bonus! Love to you all. x 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Rant.

It's no secret around these parts that i'm not a fan of Christmas. I dread it every year & when i see the tinsel starting to appear in stores, i just want to run for the hills!

There is one particular thing that is really bugging me these last few years & that's all the Northern Hemisphere style decorations, cards, wrapping etc that's getting around. I just find it totally inappropriate for a Summer Christmas to have snowmen, snowflakes & winter scenes, while we're all sweltering.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

 My kids have often told me Santa only comes when it snows............ummmm well we'd be waiting a while down here if that's the case kids! In 2009, i had the idea that i was going to have an Aussie themed Christmas - a gold painted gumnut wreath, perhaps some kangaroos instead of reindeer, a gum tree to replace the pine tree & NOT a snowman in sight. The kids were horrified!

 They have a fondness for the decorations we have already, so i'm subtly removing some & slowly introducing nice new ones & yes, we still have the pathetic fake pine tree - but i've made my own little Aussie theme on the kitchen table. In a large vase i have some dead twigs with some pretty silver stars hanging on them & if my camera was fixed i'd show you a photo.
As the kids are getting older, i've decided that it's time for some family traditions to begin for us, so this year i explained to them about all the disadvantaged children out there & the kids looked through this book & picked out a softie for me to make for a special child. So yesterday i made "Blossom Bunny", he's very cute & he'll be heading to a special baby via The Smith Family. We left it a little late this year, so i'm hoping next christmas i'll be a tad more organized & each of the kids can pick out their own special softie.  I also make shortbread every year, using my top-secret's good. Santa loves it apparently.
Okay rant over, sorry for boring you to death - i'm now off to scoff some of that shortbread. I'd love to hear about the Christmas traditions you or your family have.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogging block.

Sometimes i can think of lots & lots to crap on write about, but this week i've had good old blogger's block, it's not that i haven't had anything to waffle on about - in fact we've had quite an eventful week! I've tried a few times to start a post, but nothing seems to come to my head................thinking i have the Silly Season to blame for that. So i'm going to update you with our latest happenings in point form & hopefully that'll work for me.
: : Started off the week with a sick girl with a nasty tummy bug.....ewww
: : This mumma had a birthday this week, a few nice gifts & lunch out with The Bloke & our littlest munchkin
: : Had a lovely dinner out with my work girls for Christmas, and then.........
: : Mumma, dad & the littlest munchkin all caught the nasty tummy bug - so, so sick.
: : Too sick to take the two bigger kids to school, but so proud of the way they looked after their mum & dad & little sister! Particularly when the power company turned off the power to do some works. They were awesome.
: : Spent a few days relaxing, recovering & listening to Fleetwood Mac & practicing my crochet stitches.
: : Watched Chas & Amity perform at their school Presentation Night & then watched them both win a prize in the raffle! They are always ridiculously lucky when it comes to those kind of things - the only two tickets i bought out of the thousands sold.
: : Woke up to an early morning surprise visit from a brother-in-law who now lives interstate. Was so nice to see him.
: : Crazy, crazy busy afternoon/evening at work yesterday - the coming week is scaring me, lol.
: : Finally got around to re-organizing Chas' room today, a total clean out & shuffle around. A new doona cover & some hanging fairy lights (sounds so wrong for a boy's room, but looks awesome). One happy boy now asleep in his 'new' room.
: : Picked up my new doona cover today - so our room is next on my list. Then looking for some ideas to update the girl's room. (see below).
: : A lazy afternoon spent hanging with our nextdoor neighbours & pizza for tea. Always good.

Hope your week has been a bit better than ours & all your Christmas preparations are coming together nicely. xxx

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grateful Saturday.

Lots to be grateful for this week..............
grateful to a wonderful friend & a lovely thing she has done for me this week,
grateful to pick up some extra hours this week at work - the money's always good this time of year,
 grateful my brother wasn't injured worse than he actually was in an accident he had, 
grateful my kids have lots of cousins their ages to hang & play with,
 grateful for our four chookies & the lovely fresh eggs they supply us with daily, 
grateful for some warm sunny weather this week, 
grateful for the yummy stuff that's starting to come from The Patch,
and this week i'm especially grateful for family who have been a blessing & have looked after my kids while i've been at work. Thankyou all so much!

Another thing that i'm particularly grateful for this week is the wonderful blogger Craftyminx. She has so kindly put together a Crochet School on her blog, full of free lessons, vimieos & lots of valuable information on learning to crochet from scratch. I have been wanting to learn for a while now & came across Craftyminx's Crochet School - it is fantastic! I began last night & her directions are so clear & thorough, that i'm happy to say, i've already mastered the chain stitch. Don't get me wrong - it took me a while to get the hang of holding the yarn & hook & trying to drop my knitting habits - but by the end of the night, i'd done it! Must admit though my tongue was a little sore from all the concentrating it took : )  Just wish i could share some photos of my progress as i'm going along.
So if you've had an inkling to learn how to crochet, pop over to Crochet School, grab yourself some yarn & a crochet hook (lots of info on how to choose these there too) & before you know it we'll be granny-squaring to our hearts content!

Linking up with Maxabella & all the other grateful's been too long since i've done this.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What i am December.

So this is it for goodness how this year has flown by. I say that every year, but this year i think it really has. It's summer, school's almost over for the year, oh & someone tells me Christmas is coming up too.....

: : listening  not a twighlight fan, but i have a soft spot for bruno & this song
: : cooking  kids have requested another batch of yo-yo bickies
: : drinking  i am addicted to hot choccies
: : reading a book my mum put together - 'A New Beginning', all the life stories of these wonderful        people
: : watching  a lot of sbs lately - does that mean i'm getting old?
: : wanting  christmas to be over already, so i can just enjoy summer & the school holidays
: : remembering  my nanna & nonno, such happy memories
: : sewing  a little something for scarlett's chrissy package
: : wishing  christmas wasn't such a stressful time
: : enjoying  reading this blog - love it Kelly!
: : waiting  to see if we are going to have baby bunnies soon
: : looking forward to my kiddies being on school holidays (january's  post may be a different story)
: : liking  our three new chooks - lucy, mary & jason (kids chose names)
: : wondering  how on earth i am going to make a lion costume for amity?
: : loving that summer is finally here!!
: : hoping  summer throws some heat at us soon.....
: : believing  i will be toilet training a little girl earlier than i thought.
: : wearing  black skinnys & tie dye style singlet
: : following  this blog - love it Kelly!
: : considering  a complete christmas decoration overhaul for next year
: : knowing  with three extra lady chooks, there's going to be a lot of omelettes eaten around here
: : noticing  so many great crochet tutorials out there - can't wait to get started!
: : thinking  next year i will not leave christmas shopping to the last minute (yeah right).
: : needing  to get me a crochet hook & some yarn asap
: : giggling  at The Family. a great show.
: : organizing  the kid's rooms - a clean out is good (especially before christmas)
: : trying  lots of new recipes lately......stay tuned
: : missing my camera (insert sad face here)
: : feeling  vintage

And because my camera is still out of action, i'm back to sharing with you something pretty from Pinterest.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

Some beautiful crocheted decorations, that are perfect for an Aussie Christmas. Happy December to you all!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I haven't shared any treasures for months & that's because i haven't been thrifting for months. So here are some lovely vintage pillowcases that i found on my last thrift-excursion...............way back in July.
I have plans for these lovelies........i'm going to use them as pillowcases - exciting i know, but just between you & i - i have a lovely white doona cover on lay by & some vintage pillowcases will look fantastic with it. My favorites are the yellow floral flanelette ones, they are like brand new & i can't wait to snuggle into them!
Pop on over to Her Library Adventures & check out the treasures Sophie & others have scored this week.
*My camera is still broken, this photo had already been uploaded on to my computer*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pattern.

A couple of you have asked about the romper pattern that i used to make the pretty little girl's romper with. I was lucky enough to find this pattern at an oppy a couple of years back, it also includes a pattern for longer overalls & a cute pinnie too (which i made for Scarlett here in this post). You can't quite see the detail in the photo of the romper i made, but it has pleats at the front & the back.
Best thing is it's really quick & easy to whip up - i have made quite a few pinnies & rompers from it already.

 I know if i was a baby, i would be quite happy wearing one of these rompers on a warm summer's day......or even a pinnie with tights in cooler weather. If you're lucky you might be able to find this pattern on ebay.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Photoless Birthday Update.

Well Miss Six had a wonderful birthday, it ended up being an extremely looong day & she was a little pooped at the end of it - but that's what birthday's are about aren't they?
She was very spoiled in the pressie department - so many nice things, i've had just as much fun as her playing with them. Oh to be six again!
Her rainbow party went wonderfully, wish i could share some photos, but the little princess broke my camera yesterday. Not a happy mumma. She also had her ballet concert on the weekend, my goodness she looked pretty.........but sorry no photos.....
Now how boring is a post without pictures? To keep things interesting, here is what we gave her for her birthday.

The much wanted Sylvanian Families Caravan
I want one too, but a real-life size one. Not sure about my children sleeping on the roof though. In the meantime i'll have fun playing with Amity.

Friday, November 25, 2011

This Girl.

She has the most beautiful honey coloured frizzy hair.
Is our early bird. First up every morning.
Loves to wear jewellery, everyday.
Enjoys school so much she often gets upset on weekends when she can't go.
Has many imaginary friends.
Is a wonderful reader & just loves books.

Loves being a big sister.
Is small for her age & has tiny feet.
Takes fantastic photos, most of the photos of me on here are taken by her.
Has just overcome years of ear & hearing problems, yay!
Is such a  thoughtful, kind & caring girl.
Makes friends very easily wherever she goes.
Develops a lovely little tan in the summer.

Will not wear traky daks.
Is a chatterbox at home, oh boy.
Plays mums & dads & teachers all the time.
Collects treasures, you should see inside her school bag!
Loves watermelon, strawberries & pasta.

Is a dainty little ballerina.
Is a homebody, who loves nothing better than her own bed.
Loves pretty gardens & picking flowers.
And today she is six years old! Happy Birthday to our beautiful Amity Kiara.........
we love you so much!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Makings.

Finally, i dusted off the sewing machine & got myself (begrudgingly) busy & made a little romper. This was an order i'd had for a while for an impending baby girl due to arrive in November, the customer originally wanted one that i'd made in a green fabric but it had sold & i didn't have enough fabric left to make another. In typical me-style, i left it right to the last minute.........due to my creative mojo going awol, due to not having any time & of course due to my usual on the last possible day for my deadline & being told "she's already had the baby", i got myself busy & found some other pretty fabric & whipped up this little number.

I was very proud of my efforts & thought it was adorable, so i rang my sister-in-law (who was organizing the sale) & told her i'd finally made it, but i didn't have enough of the green fabric so i used a floral instead.......then i hear "GASP!!!"  So it turns out the 'girl' was actually a BOY!  Oh dear. I didn't have any boyish fabric in my stash & i certainly didn't have enough time to whip up another one. It seems there was a little mis-communication......whoopsie. So what can one do? Laugh. And that's what we did. 
Hopefully someone else will like this little romper at our next Sadie Mae market stall on the weekend, i think it'll look gorgeous on a pretty baby girl.
Despite my wee error, i'm glad i got my butt into gear & did some making because i must admit, getting the  scissors out & the pins & playing with fabric may just have made my mojo come crawling back home (with it's tail between it's legs). So today i had the machine out again & stitched together some coloured paper hearts for a birthday party i'm busily preparing for on Friday. I'm happy with how these turned out & can't wait to display them.

And while i'm bragging - i've also been busy in the kitchen too & last week i actually made those lamingtons i'd planned.

These were yum, but a little on the dry side, so now i'm on a mission to find me the perfect lamington recipe - something light & fluffy & chocolatey...........cos lamingtons are my favourite. 
Now while my mojo is hanging about, i'm off to Pinterest to hunt down some inspiration for my next makings & then check my diary to schedule in some 'making time'.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What i am November

Running behind with this one, yep i know. I can never keep up with the chaos that is this time of the year.......

:: listening to The Bloke snoring very loudly & wondering how on earth i am going to sleep next to that!
:: cooking attempting lamingtons for the first time tomorrow
:: drinking water is my beverage of choice
:: reading Scarlett still. i am a slooow reader
:: watching nothing, tv is boring me
:: wanting  a big belly laugh - one of those ones where you can't stop
:: remembering  weekends all to ourselves
:: sewing an adorable little romper
:: wishing  i was more organized for christmas. same every year.
:: enjoying  fresh lettuce from The Patch. yummm.
:: waiting  for the silly season to be over
:: looking forward to summer
:: liking  my new hat. thanks boss
:: wondering  when our next lot of chookies will be arriving?
:: loving  my yellow roses this year
:: hoping  for a trip to the goldfield region again soon
:: believing  it is a waste of time trying to keep this house tidy
:: wearing  nothing.......hahaha, just tricking, nude blogging - as if!
:: following  habit, check it out
:: considering  making "learning to crochet" my new year's resolution. exciting i am, i know
:: knowing  my sister makes the best mud cakes ever
:: noticing  a japanese restaurant has just opened in my town - must go!
:: thinking  i hate it when people say "my bad" drives me nuts!
:: needing  a day out & a picnic with my family, it's been too long
:: giggling  at Scarlett chatting (in her own language) at her excited aunty on the phone today. three times, she's a phone hog
:: organizing  a birthday party next week for a very excited *almost* 6 yo girl!
:: trying  to keep this house tidy. sigh
:: feeling  a little bit burnt out

Bugger a pretty picture from Pinterest this month, here's one of my own beautiful yellow roses........isn't it just perfect? Oh, i am getting old.
 Happy November peoples!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today was a good day.

A day off work,
clean floors,
long phone chats,
a bit of me-time,
home made yo-yo biscuits,
fresh picked roses,
and some free farm eggs from a neighbour.

Now this computer doesn't want to co-operate, so i'm going to quit while i'm ahead, (my apologies for the one crappy photo, it's just not happening tonight).
I hope you too had a good day & have a great weekend. x

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family, sun & lots of fun!

I'm a bit late with this post, i have been very busy at work (stocktake.....blah) & trying to keep up with all the usual household mayhem.
On the weekend my parents hosted a family reunion at their place, i had been looking forward to this for months & months..........the weekend finally arrived & the Victorian weather was extremely kind to us.
My mum is one of eight - her parents immigrated from Italy in the 1950's with five children & then had three more in Australia. These eight children gave them 21 grandchildren, me being one of them. Our grandparents lived in a beautiful old house & my family was so lucky to live next door to them! I have wonderful memories of growing up in this big family, our Christmases & family get-togethers were always so much fun.
Nanna passed away in 1988 & Nonno in 1996, but i'm sure they would be very proud of this.......

This isn't quite all of us, from my calculations, there are fifteen members missing who couldn't make it, but how's this for a branch of the family tree?!
It was a wonderful weekend & i had a fantastic time catching up with cousins & i'm already looking forward to the next one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little crush.

On this woman.....

Stevie Nicks. What an awesome voice & an amazing style.
I've been you-tubing Fleetwood Mac songs all night - this is my favourite.
Tomorrow i'm going to go buy one of their albums (yes, i do still listen to cd's)........

and listen to it over & over again, cos that's what i do.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's a clever girl.

The kids discovered our chook 'Moptop's' first egg today - well not technically her first egg, she relocated here from my parent's place - so it's really just her first egg here. They came running & screaming  to the house.......i don't think they have ever been that excited even after santa has visited! hahaha

And here's the clever girl who laid it for us.

Hopefully it's the first of many! She's been clucky for a while so it was a long time coming. Now i'm just picturing the fight in the morning over who's going to eat the first egg.......

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a few scenes.

Been busy around, specialist appointments, a funeral & some fun stuff like catching up with rellies, enjoying some warm sunny days & bbq's.
Hanging with cousins & meeting new ones.
Bbq's on warm evenings, oh it's amazing how the novelty of eating outside means that they eat all their dinner. Lots more bbq's coming up i think!
Walks in the cemetery (we're not really a morbid lot, my parents live nextdoor to one & we often wander over to say hello to special ones who are now resting there).
Our Lucky Bunny, isn't he gorgeous? You will have to excuse my attire though, according to Amity wearing a traky at home when not working or going anywhere is not appropriate. I got the full on up & down look when she got home from school & told that i can "still look pretty whilst vacuming"! Oh what have i raised? 
Here's to warm sunny days, hanging with family, eating good food & less traky daks & rain!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What i am doing - In October.

The bees are buzzing & the weather is warming up, Christmas is creeping up on us (why does it always do that to me?) & another year is coming to a's what i am up to this October.........

:: listening  loving this song at the moment & listening to it over & over
:: cooking  fresh bread rolls & choc swirl cupcakes
:: drinking  back on the green tea
:: reading  just started 'Scarlett', the seqeul to 'Gone with the wind', hope i can get into it
:: watching  'One born every minute' on SBS - takes me right back to the maternity ward!
:: wanting  some new summery shoes
:: playing  dress-ups at work - boy do i love working in a clothes shop!
:: wishing  our Abby cat a Happy 14th Birthday
:: enjoying  some alone time - 2 at school, 1 at creche & 1 at gym......ahhh
:: waiting  for the washing to finish
:: looking foward to catching up with cousins at a family reunion in a few weeks!!
:: liking  fabrik for little girls.....soooo pretty
:: wondering  how do you stop your child from playing with other kids who aren't a good influence?
:: loving  daylight savings - it's the best!
:: hoping  no more migraines for me for a while, i'm over them
:: believing i'm solar powered
:: wearing this & this (work clothes people, how lucky am i?)
:: considering  growing my hair long again, just after i got it all chopped off
:: knowing  i'm desperate for a really hot day, hurry up summer!
:: organizing  The Patch for some spring/summer planting (well The Bloke is, i watch)
:: noticing  Christmas decorations in the stores already - they make me run the other direction
:: thinking  of some relatives who have just lost a loved one
:: needing  to spring clean every single room in this house
:: giggling  at Scarlett's latest word 'cuck', meaning either stuck or truck (well i hope!)
:: trying to eat sensibly (trying)
:: feeling  peaceful

And of course something pretty from pinterest.......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll remember these days.

She empties all the jigsaw pieces out of their boxes, she bites me on the bum when i'm not expecting it, she's learning the art of 'tanty throwing', she pulls the bookmark out our books, she eats soap in the bathroom whilst i'm doing my hair, she wees on the carpet after almost every bath, she constantly pulls her arms out of her car seat straps, she empties her plate of food on the floor, she whacks her big brother over the head & pulls her big sister's hair, she carts dirty washing from the washing basket all over the house, she refuses to wear socks or her gumboots outside, she empties CD's & DVD'S from their covers........... oh she wears me out..............and one day i'll come back here & read this again & say 'o.m.g - i remember those days!' but gee we love her - love every little mischievous inch of her.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new favourite.

 Seriously good - McVities Digestive biscuits smeared with apricot & almond cheese, a lot like cheesecake but with out all the effort. Try it, goes down well with ginger beer.

Crappy, crappy photo i know, but i just had to scoff it & wasn't worried about focusing the camera too much at the time. I  like my food.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanging with my girls.

School holidays here in Victoria, the boy has been hanging with his grandparents & i've had a few days off work - so i've made the most of it & been busy hanging with my girls.

We've been enjoying the sunshine, with lots of walks & bike rides.

Feeding ducks & doing a spot of bird watching.

We went to a nursery (my goodness Amity was worse than a child in a toy shop, if she had her way we would've left with hundreds of plants!) & then spent the arvo in the garden.

Then i let her loose with the camera.
We also spent time baking, at the park & play centre & Amity had a night camping with dad in the tent in our backyard. I love school holidays!

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Sprung.

Garden courtesy of my parents, child courtesy of me.
I love this time of year, getting high on the scent of jasmine & the excitement about the coming season......the best one of all.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What i'm September.

I'm baaaack!! Well it seems i've been a little awol from here for the last couple of months, but some troubles have been fixed & i'm back pinning, blogging & blog reading again........oh how i've missed you all!
I've been a busy the last couple of months, working lots & Holly & i had our first market stall for Sadie Mae, we've lost a few pets - then gained a few more & in between i've been trying to relax with the kiddies. But here's what i'm up to this September......

: : listening to the sweet sound of.........nothing!
: : cooking  minestrone soup with meatballs
: : drinking too many hot chocs
: : reading nothing at the moment, but i just finished Cloudstreet by Tim Winton - awesome!
: : wanting a sunday off - i am in need of a sunday drive
: : teaching my children the joy of snail mail
: : playing with our new little bunny
: : remembering the days with decent internet connection
: : sewing nothing - i think i sewed myself out pre-market
: : wishing for a holiday (is it the same every month?)
: : enjoying getting my thongs out of hibernation
: : waiting for Cloudstreet to come out on dvd
: : liking the sunshine
: : wondering  if my creative mojo will ever return
: : loving our new little bunny, Lucky....he's so gorgeous
: : hoping  my creative mojo returns asap
: : believing the tooth fairy will be making her first visit here soon!
: : wearing black skinny leg jeans, pinky/orangey cardi & a new hair do
: : following found this blog & am enjoying it
: : considering the black maxi dress - but do i really need it?
: : knowing  the black maxi would look great with a brown belt.......
: : noticing  animal print is everywhere at the moment
: : thinking  you'll never catch me dead in anything leopard skin....eww
: : needing to catch up on all my favourite blogs
: : giggling  at my kids skyping their aunty & cousin interstate
: : organizing the removal of two very loud roosters
: : feeling unmotivated

I'm sorry if things are a bit quiet around here in the future, i seem to have lost my creative mojo & am also struggling to get back into blogging, taking photos, thrifting & creating..........i know gasp!  Hopefully this won't last too long & i'll be back boring you to death shortly with more posts. (That's if anyone still reads this..........hello?)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well it seems i'm on a roll, i found another chance to go thrifting & not once but twice! First up i went into an op-shop in town, for some reason i never seem to find much in this one - today i did manage to buy these three vintage sewing patterns. I particularly love the little overalls & will have to sew some up for Scarlett.

 My local salvo's, however, never disappoints & it's so huge - i'm always bound to find something to take home.
I found this tiny little glass vase & pink-edged doiley, which is in great condition.

And a cross-stitch of pansies - love the frame too, but thinking i may paint it.......any ideas what colour would look best? Then i found these beauties......

Two vintage pyrex bowls! Vintage pyrex is something i'd never thought i'd find, i know how collectible it is, so i snavelled these two & stashed them under the pram as quick as i could (don't worry i paid for them, i just didn't want anyone else laying their eyes on them, hehehe). I found this site Pyrex Love which is a wonderful source of information on all the vintage pyrex patterns, values & ages. These two are from the 'Spring Blossom 1' range & are from the 1970's. I never knew there were so many patterns made & saw many that i liked...........something else to add to my thrifting list!
I'm linking up again with Sophie, pop on over there & check out what fantastic finds her & many others have found on their thrifting adventures. *Next week i'll share the goodies Amity & i found on our special little oppy crawl.......we bought so much, it deserves a special post all of it's own.*