Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogging block.

Sometimes i can think of lots & lots to crap on write about, but this week i've had good old blogger's block, it's not that i haven't had anything to waffle on about - in fact we've had quite an eventful week! I've tried a few times to start a post, but nothing seems to come to my head................thinking i have the Silly Season to blame for that. So i'm going to update you with our latest happenings in point form & hopefully that'll work for me.
: : Started off the week with a sick girl with a nasty tummy bug.....ewww
: : This mumma had a birthday this week, a few nice gifts & lunch out with The Bloke & our littlest munchkin
: : Had a lovely dinner out with my work girls for Christmas, and then.........
: : Mumma, dad & the littlest munchkin all caught the nasty tummy bug - so, so sick.
: : Too sick to take the two bigger kids to school, but so proud of the way they looked after their mum & dad & little sister! Particularly when the power company turned off the power to do some works. They were awesome.
: : Spent a few days relaxing, recovering & listening to Fleetwood Mac & practicing my crochet stitches.
: : Watched Chas & Amity perform at their school Presentation Night & then watched them both win a prize in the raffle! They are always ridiculously lucky when it comes to those kind of things - the only two tickets i bought out of the thousands sold.
: : Woke up to an early morning surprise visit from a brother-in-law who now lives interstate. Was so nice to see him.
: : Crazy, crazy busy afternoon/evening at work yesterday - the coming week is scaring me, lol.
: : Finally got around to re-organizing Chas' room today, a total clean out & shuffle around. A new doona cover & some hanging fairy lights (sounds so wrong for a boy's room, but looks awesome). One happy boy now asleep in his 'new' room.
: : Picked up my new doona cover today - so our room is next on my list. Then looking for some ideas to update the girl's room. (see below).
: : A lazy afternoon spent hanging with our nextdoor neighbours & pizza for tea. Always good.

Hope your week has been a bit better than ours & all your Christmas preparations are coming together nicely. xxx

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  1. wow i just love that second picture, the bed looks just gorgeous. so many beautiful colours. i think i feel another quilt coming on!


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