Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grateful Saturday.

Lots to be grateful for this week..............
grateful to a wonderful friend & a lovely thing she has done for me this week,
grateful to pick up some extra hours this week at work - the money's always good this time of year,
 grateful my brother wasn't injured worse than he actually was in an accident he had, 
grateful my kids have lots of cousins their ages to hang & play with,
 grateful for our four chookies & the lovely fresh eggs they supply us with daily, 
grateful for some warm sunny weather this week, 
grateful for the yummy stuff that's starting to come from The Patch,
and this week i'm especially grateful for family who have been a blessing & have looked after my kids while i've been at work. Thankyou all so much!

Another thing that i'm particularly grateful for this week is the wonderful blogger Craftyminx. She has so kindly put together a Crochet School on her blog, full of free lessons, vimieos & lots of valuable information on learning to crochet from scratch. I have been wanting to learn for a while now & came across Craftyminx's Crochet School - it is fantastic! I began last night & her directions are so clear & thorough, that i'm happy to say, i've already mastered the chain stitch. Don't get me wrong - it took me a while to get the hang of holding the yarn & hook & trying to drop my knitting habits - but by the end of the night, i'd done it! Must admit though my tongue was a little sore from all the concentrating it took : )  Just wish i could share some photos of my progress as i'm going along.
So if you've had an inkling to learn how to crochet, pop over to Crochet School, grab yourself some yarn & a crochet hook (lots of info on how to choose these there too) & before you know it we'll be granny-squaring to our hearts content!

Linking up with Maxabella & all the other grateful's been too long since i've done this.

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