Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Rant.

It's no secret around these parts that i'm not a fan of Christmas. I dread it every year & when i see the tinsel starting to appear in stores, i just want to run for the hills!

There is one particular thing that is really bugging me these last few years & that's all the Northern Hemisphere style decorations, cards, wrapping etc that's getting around. I just find it totally inappropriate for a Summer Christmas to have snowmen, snowflakes & winter scenes, while we're all sweltering.

Source: via Malea on Pinterest

 My kids have often told me Santa only comes when it snows............ummmm well we'd be waiting a while down here if that's the case kids! In 2009, i had the idea that i was going to have an Aussie themed Christmas - a gold painted gumnut wreath, perhaps some kangaroos instead of reindeer, a gum tree to replace the pine tree & NOT a snowman in sight. The kids were horrified!

 They have a fondness for the decorations we have already, so i'm subtly removing some & slowly introducing nice new ones & yes, we still have the pathetic fake pine tree - but i've made my own little Aussie theme on the kitchen table. In a large vase i have some dead twigs with some pretty silver stars hanging on them & if my camera was fixed i'd show you a photo.
As the kids are getting older, i've decided that it's time for some family traditions to begin for us, so this year i explained to them about all the disadvantaged children out there & the kids looked through this book & picked out a softie for me to make for a special child. So yesterday i made "Blossom Bunny", he's very cute & he'll be heading to a special baby via The Smith Family. We left it a little late this year, so i'm hoping next christmas i'll be a tad more organized & each of the kids can pick out their own special softie.  I also make shortbread every year, using my top-secret's good. Santa loves it apparently.
Okay rant over, sorry for boring you to death - i'm now off to scoff some of that shortbread. I'd love to hear about the Christmas traditions you or your family have.


  1. You are a funny girl. I should send you a Grinch badge. Every year I buy the kids each one decoration for the tree which will be theirs when they move out.Also hubby and I pair off with each kid and we buy $20 gifts for each other which the kids look forward to. See you soon xo

  2. I just pulled out my shortbreads from the are waiting for them to cool down before inhaling them...
    I love love shortbread.... :-))....p.s totally get that whole snowman thing....seriously?......what gives???....

  3. haha. i totally agree! although i watched 'elf' last night and i have to say all those paper snowflakes made me want to make some too! haha!

    Merry Christmas!


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