Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What i am doing.........in December.

So this is it for 2011..........my goodness how this year has flown by. I say that every year, but this year i think it really has. It's summer, school's almost over for the year, oh & someone tells me Christmas is coming up too.....

: : listening  not a twighlight fan, but i have a soft spot for bruno & this song
: : cooking  kids have requested another batch of yo-yo bickies
: : drinking  i am addicted to hot choccies
: : reading a book my mum put together - 'A New Beginning', all the life stories of these wonderful        people
: : watching  a lot of sbs lately - does that mean i'm getting old?
: : wanting  christmas to be over already, so i can just enjoy summer & the school holidays
: : remembering  my nanna & nonno, such happy memories
: : sewing  a little something for scarlett's chrissy package
: : wishing  christmas wasn't such a stressful time
: : enjoying  reading this blog - love it Kelly!
: : waiting  to see if we are going to have baby bunnies soon
: : looking forward to my kiddies being on school holidays (january's  post may be a different story)
: : liking  our three new chooks - lucy, mary & jason (kids chose names)
: : wondering  how on earth i am going to make a lion costume for amity?
: : loving that summer is finally here!!
: : hoping  summer throws some heat at us soon.....
: : believing  i will be toilet training a little girl earlier than i thought.
: : wearing  black skinnys & tie dye style singlet
: : following  this blog - love it Kelly!
: : considering  a complete christmas decoration overhaul for next year
: : knowing  with three extra lady chooks, there's going to be a lot of omelettes eaten around here
: : noticing  so many great crochet tutorials out there - can't wait to get started!
: : thinking  next year i will not leave christmas shopping to the last minute (yeah right).
: : needing  to get me a crochet hook & some yarn asap
: : giggling  at The Family. a great show.
: : organizing  the kid's rooms - a clean out is good (especially before christmas)
: : trying  lots of new recipes lately......stay tuned
: : missing my camera (insert sad face here)
: : feeling  vintage

And because my camera is still out of action, i'm back to sharing with you something pretty from Pinterest.

Source: etsy.com via Malea on Pinterest

Some beautiful crocheted decorations, that are perfect for an Aussie Christmas. Happy December to you all!


  1. these are so fun to read! i can't wait for school holidays too - and some warm summer weather - my favourite time of year!

  2. I love reading these blogs too! It feels like having a conversation with you but you don't hear my reply LOL I am not a huge fan of summer. Hopefully see you soon.

  3. :-).....you linked to my blog xxx I love yours too


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