Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family, sun & lots of fun!

I'm a bit late with this post, i have been very busy at work (stocktake.....blah) & trying to keep up with all the usual household mayhem.
On the weekend my parents hosted a family reunion at their place, i had been looking forward to this for months & months..........the weekend finally arrived & the Victorian weather was extremely kind to us.
My mum is one of eight - her parents immigrated from Italy in the 1950's with five children & then had three more in Australia. These eight children gave them 21 grandchildren, me being one of them. Our grandparents lived in a beautiful old house & my family was so lucky to live next door to them! I have wonderful memories of growing up in this big family, our Christmases & family get-togethers were always so much fun.
Nanna passed away in 1988 & Nonno in 1996, but i'm sure they would be very proud of this.......

This isn't quite all of us, from my calculations, there are fifteen members missing who couldn't make it, but how's this for a branch of the family tree?!
It was a wonderful weekend & i had a fantastic time catching up with cousins & i'm already looking forward to the next one.


  1. I see meeeee, and I am not looking at the camera LOL. Can I correct you......"these 'eight' children gave them 21 grandchildren". Good to see you didn't use the photo of you and I :)

  2. whoopsie! thanks. I looked so tired & yuck in that photo, so i gave it a miss (for now...)


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