Monday, November 28, 2011

A Photoless Birthday Update.

Well Miss Six had a wonderful birthday, it ended up being an extremely looong day & she was a little pooped at the end of it - but that's what birthday's are about aren't they?
She was very spoiled in the pressie department - so many nice things, i've had just as much fun as her playing with them. Oh to be six again!
Her rainbow party went wonderfully, wish i could share some photos, but the little princess broke my camera yesterday. Not a happy mumma. She also had her ballet concert on the weekend, my goodness she looked pretty.........but sorry no photos.....
Now how boring is a post without pictures? To keep things interesting, here is what we gave her for her birthday.

The much wanted Sylvanian Families Caravan
I want one too, but a real-life size one. Not sure about my children sleeping on the roof though. In the meantime i'll have fun playing with Amity.


  1. Am loving your blog at the mo. Shame about the camera. Would have loved to see some photos.

  2. Broken devastating! Fingers crossed for a fixed camera or a new one :-)...


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