Friday, November 25, 2011

This Girl.

She has the most beautiful honey coloured frizzy hair.
Is our early bird. First up every morning.
Loves to wear jewellery, everyday.
Enjoys school so much she often gets upset on weekends when she can't go.
Has many imaginary friends.
Is a wonderful reader & just loves books.

Loves being a big sister.
Is small for her age & has tiny feet.
Takes fantastic photos, most of the photos of me on here are taken by her.
Has just overcome years of ear & hearing problems, yay!
Is such a  thoughtful, kind & caring girl.
Makes friends very easily wherever she goes.
Develops a lovely little tan in the summer.

Will not wear traky daks.
Is a chatterbox at home, oh boy.
Plays mums & dads & teachers all the time.
Collects treasures, you should see inside her school bag!
Loves watermelon, strawberries & pasta.

Is a dainty little ballerina.
Is a homebody, who loves nothing better than her own bed.
Loves pretty gardens & picking flowers.
And today she is six years old! Happy Birthday to our beautiful Amity Kiara.........
we love you so much!


  1. Amity is such a beautiful name...she's gorgeous :-)

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! Kellie xx


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