Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a few scenes.

Been busy around, specialist appointments, a funeral & some fun stuff like catching up with rellies, enjoying some warm sunny days & bbq's.
Hanging with cousins & meeting new ones.
Bbq's on warm evenings, oh it's amazing how the novelty of eating outside means that they eat all their dinner. Lots more bbq's coming up i think!
Walks in the cemetery (we're not really a morbid lot, my parents live nextdoor to one & we often wander over to say hello to special ones who are now resting there).
Our Lucky Bunny, isn't he gorgeous? You will have to excuse my attire though, according to Amity wearing a traky at home when not working or going anywhere is not appropriate. I got the full on up & down look when she got home from school & told that i can "still look pretty whilst vacuming"! Oh what have i raised? 
Here's to warm sunny days, hanging with family, eating good food & less traky daks & rain!

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