Sunday, April 8, 2012

Missing in action.

Anybody still here??? You've all probably given up all hope of finding a fresh post here & ditched me long ago, but if you are............ HELLO, do you miss me? So where have i been? Well a few months ago our computer pooped itself, the plan is was to get it fixed or get a newy............then things have happened, we've all been busy, crook and to be quite honest - i'm actually enjoying the break. Shock, horror, i'm also actually getting things done - i've been cooking stacks, reading lots of books, watching some tv and movies and enjoying a bit of stitching............but most importantly, sleeping. I've come to realise how much time i have wasted sitting on my wide acre getting lost in blog land, but i am still keeping in touch with the cyber world via facebook, instagram and pinterest on my iphone. This lovely long Easter weekend i'm staying at my parents and have snuck onto their computer for a wee catch up, i've missed you guys! So let's just say a trip to a geek shop may or may not be on our radar this week..............stay tuned (but don't hold your breath, i'm the procrastinator of all procrastinators).  I hope you've all had a wonderful filled Easter, lets just say mine has included one vomiting child, a few nits and plenty of choccie!
She totally got the Egg Hunt thing this Easter!

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  1. Im still here :-) nice to see you back bloggin x


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