Sunday, May 1, 2011


On Easter Monday, my sister & i visited the annual Trash & Treasure market in our home town - we do this every year, but this year we were disappointed, seems there was plenty of trash & not much treasure. Then on the way home we walked past a garage sale & decided to have a quick peek. Oh my, am i glad we did!! I found a box of old knitting books & started browsing, i soon had a decent little pile.

Although i can't knit, i collect old knitting books. I love them. I love the old-fashioned knits & the pictures. My mother-inlaw knows a lovely old lady who loves to knit & has no one to knit for, so we give her the pattern & wool & she very kindly (and quickly) knits them up for us. She has knitted many beautiful things for my children & everytime they wear them, they always receive lots of comments. Anyway back to my total i found 16 knitting books from the 50's & 60's & as an added bonus i also found a 1953 Woman's Weekly magazine! (I think it deserves a whole post of it's own!). As i went to pay i had no idea how much my pile was worth & when the lady said one dollar - i think my jaw almost hit the ground! I tell you i almost ran out of there thinking the lady was going to suddenly realize that they may actually be worth a lot more & call me back, hahaha! I can't stop flicking through them & have chosen a few things already i want knitted up for the girls (Chas won't wear the 'furry' clothes anymore).
Here are a few of the lovely knitted items we've had made for Scarlett recently.........all patterns from vintage knitting books. Oneday i will learn to knit - hopefully before i am a grandmother!

As always, go check out what wonderful goodies Sophie & lots of others have found during their treasure hunts. Happy Sunday!


  1. oohhh excellent find my dear. I like the violet one on Scarlett. And as always your "mini me" is as cute as ever. big kiss mwah.

  2. you never know (about the grandmother thing). ;)

    i know about that feeling of, oooooooooh, hopefully they don't change their mind now...
    ha ha ha.. glad i'm not the only one feeling that, from time to time.

  3. Oh I too love vintage pattern books, the look, the styles, the models. I mostly sell mine when I've looked at them enough, (I do have a filing cabinet full). I've not done much knitting from them, but seeing your little Miss sure is inspiring. I have one pattern I may try....mmmmmm.... may seek out some wool on Tuesday. Yes!!
    thanks for the inspiration.

  4. little scarlett is such a cutie, I love her home-made woollies.

  5. I just haven't got the knitting thing either, maybe because my mum is a beautiful knitter I have never had to.. I love hand made knits on little kids, that shug on your daughter is beautiful.

  6. I have a vintage pattern collection too, though I can knit. I've yet to make anything though as I'm so slow the intended recipient always gets too big before I've finished. I also love looking through them for the pictures, some of them are cute and some just hilarious!

    I found your blog through Flea Market Finds by the way :-D


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