Monday, June 20, 2011

A - Z of me.

A fun little getting to know me exercise i found over at Her Library know i'm a sucker for these things! If you join in let me know.

A - Age :: 34
B - Bed size :: queen
C - Chore you hate :: cleaning out the fridge.
D - Dogs :: none, but Chas is saving for one apparently.
E - Essential start to your day :: A cup of green tea & a browse of my favourite websites.
F - Favourite colour :: yellow at the moment.
G - Gold or silver :: silver, have never worn gold.
H - Height :: I don't now, isn't that terrible?! But i am short, that i know.
I - Instruments you play :: I learnt the organ when i was younger, but hardly remember how to play it now.
J - Job Title :: Retail sales assistant. Yes i got a job! And in my favourite clothes store too :)
K - Kids :: Three, Chas (7), Amity (5 1/2) & Scarlett (16 mths).
L - Live :: gippsland, victoria, australia
M - Middle name :: jane
N - Nicknames :: some people call me Marley, my family call me "witch", hehehe.
O - Overnight hospital stays :: 5. Three for when i had my babies, 1 when i had concussion when i was 5 & 1 for when Amity had an op. Hopefully that'll be it.
P - Pet Peeve :: Bad spelling & grammar, i'm one of those people who secretly correct people's posts.
Q - Quote from a movie :: "Frankly my dear, i don't give a damn....", need i say anymore?
R - Right or left handed :: right
S - Siblings :: two sisters & one brother
T - Time you wake up :: I set the alarm for 7.30am but don't get up until 8am, luckily The Bloke is a morning person.
U - Unusual fact about yourself :: i have a phobia of chooks, seriously they scare me so much - it's a family joke
V - Vegetable you hate :: capsicum
W - What makes you run late :: The Bloke, he's always late, if i'm not with him i'm on time.
X - Xrays :: teeth & brain (and yes, i do have one!)
Y - Yummy food that you make :: wontons are a speciality of mine.
Z - Zoo animals :: giraffes are cool. 


  1. I love that photo of you. Very pretty. Good luck with your new job xo

  2. what a great post! it's cool getting to know you a bit better :) Kel x

  3. Cute meme! It's fun getting to know more about you. Three major commonalities stand out for me:

    We also have three children with the boy being the oldest and two girls (ours are 7, 5 and 3)

    We have the dreaded organ in common... I also can no longer play but I think that's because I blocked it out. Why couldn't I have learned something normal like the normal piano - why!!?!?

    I also have 2 sisters and a brother. I am the middle sister and my brother is the youngest in the fam.



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