Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oh my goodness it's turned cold here! I don't like this weather, the only thing it's good for is hot chocolates & pretty scarves. It's also the first week of school holidays here & my two outdoorsy kids can't handle being stuck indoors - they get a bad case of cabin fever. So i've been busy keeping them occupied & trying to keep boredom at bay - we've  been creating yummy goodies with bread mixes - bread rolls & scrumptious cinnamon scrolls....mmm, they've also been doing lots of drawing & colouring & we made some puff paint that you microwave - that was fun! Go here for the tutorial. We've also had some board games & a trip to the local indoor pool. But thanks to my lovely sister Vanessa who popped in for a visit today, they have now both gone for a couple of nights sleepover at her house with their cousins!! So it'll be just little Scarlett here for a couple of's the serenity? *Thanks Vanessa* 
On Sunday my sister in-law, Holly & i went for a little child-free day trip to Melbourne for the Baby & Toddler Expo that i won tickets too, we had a great time checking out some fabulous stalls, i could've spent a lot of money on gorgeous stuff, but i was good & instead walked away with a lot of inspiration. After we left we found this lovely, girly Christina Re cafe in Collingwood & did a quick u-turn for a cuppa.

A few years ago i was an obsessive scrapbooker, sadly i lost interest & unfortunately haven't scrapped any pages for about two years - which means i have done absolutely none for Scarlett. I have felt guilt over this & even The Bloke has told me that one day the older two will be looking through their albums & Scarlett will have nothing! But i must say, walking into this store has thankfully re-stored my love for paper! I bought a few sheets of gorgeous Christina Re paper to start some pages for Scarlett & have since been browsing my old favourite scrapbooker's blogs & pinning lots of inspiration over at i can't wait to go through my stash & rediscover what i have & get lost amongst the paper, double-sided tape & brads again! But right now i'm going to go & snuggle in front of the heater with a hot chocolate & my book.........ahhh......did i mention the serenity?

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  1. They had a good time and so did my boys! something different for them all. They all go to school and hardly see each other anymore. it was no trouble having. Hope you enjoyed the quiet time.


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