Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For the Boy.

Yes! I do have a boy.....hehe. He's not actually here right now, he's having a holiday with his Nan & Pa.......gosh i miss him! But here is something i made for him the other day - a felt garland to hang above his bedroom window. I planned to make this ages ago, we picked the colours out & they just sat in the cupboard for too long. I really should've done it sooner, because it honestly took no time at all.
Sorry about the crappy photo - it was actually quite tricky to photograph. I made it by simply cutting three different size circles from the four felt colours & then machine stitched them all together with invisible thread. Easy peasy. I'm thinking these would look lovely as christmas decorations too........but who wants to be thinking that far ahead already?

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  1. great garland! I bet your little man is having a lovely time.


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