Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't been thrifting in a long time (actually not since i found my little deer) so this is something i've had for a little while. I had wanted one of these lovely glass cake stands for ages & spotted this one in an op-shop window in my home town oneday while out walking with my sister. Unfortunately the op-shop was closed at the time, but my sister was kind enough to go back & buy it for me (thanks Kristen!). It looks even lovelier with a delicious cream-filled sponge cake on it!
I think i really need to get out & do some thrifting - i've missed sharing my discoveries with you all, but you can pop on over to Sophie's to see what treasures others have discovered.


  1. oh Malea, that's a great plate, and a good reason to get out and Op Shop some more. Have fun

  2. the cake stand is just perfect - I want to steal it!!

  3. only yesterday i saw a tv cook using this kind of stand carrying a homemade profiterole cake.
    it looked fabulicious (both cake and stand)!!!!
    good luck!!

  4. I am the bestest sister aren't I?? xx

  5. No your not Kristen!! I'm the best sister ever!! lol


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