Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What i am doing - In April.

Seriously? It's April all ready......where has 2011 gone? Okay so here's what i am up to this April.
::  listening to the little froggies singing to each other out in our patio
::  cooking stewed apples.....mmm
::  drinking hot chocolate - it's getting cold here!
::  reading 'God's Callgirl' by Carla Van Raay, really enjoying it so far
::  wanting the house to just stay tidy (it won't)
::  looking forward to the weekend, mumma gets a child-free day in melbourne!
::  playing with
::  wasting apples, we have far too many - rabbit is enjoying them though
::  sewing lots & lots of little denim ruffle dresses
::  wishing i could just find some uninterrupted sewing time
::  enjoying watching Scarlett toddle about - yes she's walking full-time now!
::  waiting for some goodies to arrive in the mail
::  liking the free bag tag i just got in the mail for Chas, can't wait to show him
::  wondering does anyone else think Blythe dolls are creepy, or is it just me?
::  loving that it's nearly school holidays
::  hoping Amity's health problems are over
::  marvelling at how quickly Amity's picking up reading - she loves it
::  needing to buy a mouse trap....yep, we've got company
::  smelling the delicious Honeysuckle soy melt i got in Daylesford, should've got more
::  wearing my comfy old jeans & a cardi
::  following the growth of the pumpkin in the patch - we want pumpkin soup!
::  noticing chas slowly becoming more & more interested in video games (dislike)
::  knowing oneday i'd love to go to paris
::  thinking i really must get over my fear & make a dentist appointment....eekk
::  bookmarking lots of great blogs i've been finding lately
::  giggling at Scarlett's obsession with dolls & her sister's doll stroller - Amity is begrudgingly sharing
::  feeling tired - damn this day light savings change


  1. Wheres the bit that you are coming to visit your sister in gatha?? If I can get over my fear of the dentist you can too. Its alot better then what it was like when we were little. The only fear is the bill!!!Cant wait to see scarlett walking.

  2. :: enjoying: your sweet posts, thank you!

  3. I would love to see a pic of the denim ruffle dresses. And I really hope your childfree day is going to be the same as mine!!!! But I have a feeling it isn't (my fingers are crossed). I hope Amity is on the mend. xo Jo


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