Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What i am doing...........in January

Ah january..........these are the warm sunny days i crave most of the year and they're finlly here. Bliss.
Thankyou to you lovelies who visited my blog recently and taken the time to leave a sweet comment, you have made me smile!
This is my first 'what i am doing' post for 2013 - let's see if i can do this for a whole year!

: : listening  Mumford & Son's "I will wait" is my latest favourite song
: : cooking  been too hot to cook much lately, we've been eating loads of salad
: : drinking  water, water, water (and a couple of coffees)
: : reading   I have been reading 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton with Chas everynight. Love it.
: : watching   nothing - summer tv sucks
: : wanting  some house plants
: : pondering  a party for Scarlett's 3rd birthday next month?
: : sewing  doing a spot of hand embroidering, my kind of sewing
: : wishing   some close friends can sort out a sad sitaution
: : enjoying   watching my kids enjoy summer in the pool
: : missing  winter knits. truth.   
: : looking   forward to catchup with some old friends that's in the pipeline
: : liking   having my creative mojo back
: : wondering  why Enid Blyton books have never been made into movies? Imagine.
: : loving   planning dinner around the fresh produce coming from The Patch
: : hoping   for a family picnic day asap
: : believing   Scarlett is so obsessed with Peppa Pig, she's starting to develop an english accent!
: : wearing   today i wore my favourite green harem pants & white lacey tee
: : considering  letting my hair be naturally curly again
: : noticing   more people instagramming & less blogging
: : thinking   of all those who have been effected by recent bushfires
: : needing   to find some accesories for a new dress to wear to an upcoming wedding
: : marvelling   at how fast the summer holidays are flying by
: : trying   to stay on track with my 2013 hopes. i'm doing good!
: : smelling   Flower Bomb......yes i got it :)
: : feeling   fresh as a daisy

{my latest project, a little something just for me}
What are you believing/wearing/enjoying/missing/cooking?
If you post a similar list, please let me know, i'd love to read it.
Happy January my lovelies x

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  1. Hi Malea. I hope you continue feeling as fresh as a daisy for the whole of 2013. Thank-you for stopping by my blog. Melinda x


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