Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dream Home.

So i've recently been sticky nosing around fancy new modern display homes and i've ohhhed and ahhed over the outdoor baths, the extra butler kitchens and the massive theatre rooms.
I've also been reading the newest Real Living magazine, checking out the latest decorating ideas.
But it's all made me realize more than ever what my dream home really is.

It's a big old character filled homestead.
With wrap around verandahs for me to sit and enjoy a cuppa and read a book on.
The roof would of course be tin, so we can drift off to sleep listening to the rain falling on it.
There will be a long hallway running right through the middle with beautiful fretwork archways.

It would have a big separate kitchen (that's right no open plan business for me) with a lovely old woodstove and big table right in the centre.
Open fireplaces in every room with stunning mantle pieces.
Outside would be a beautiful old fashioned garden with lots and lots of fragrant roses and a big old shady tree for the kids to climb and sit under on hot days.

It's all still a dream right now, i'll keep making do with my modest brick home and hope oneday one of my kids will become rich and famous and buy me my dream..........ha ha ha.
So what's your dream home?
Is it modern and sleek or old and charming?


  1. I would be happy if someone could extend my house and make me a garden that I could wander around and enjoy.

    1. You certainly have the ideal spot! And i'm sure your mum could help you with the garden. x


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