Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just whinging. That's all.

I've had one of those weeks. Again.
One of those weeks where my boy goes on his first school camp and they all end up getting gastro and coming home early (yep all six grades and teachers).
And work has been ridiculously busy with tons of new stock and no where to put it.
We've had a little girl who will just not go to bed at night. Grrrrr.
And it seems every place i have purchased at this week i have been overcharged, annoying!
Then my stupid washing machine decides to throw a wobbly. Again. (Don't ever buy a Samsung front loader people, it's been nothing but trouble since day dot).
I have a 21st birthday lunch here tomorrow and i have floors that need cleaning and crap things that need to be put away. So best i stop my whinging and get my butt off of this chair. Thanks for listening.
Back to regular programming next week.

P.S   Hello Kristen!


  1. Woohoo I got a mention hello to you to! I am glad I got back on and checked your blog, I missed it. I really love reading your posts. I just have to go on anonymous as I have forgotten my google account and got a new email address since lol xx

  2. oh ((M)) big hugs dear, hope the lunch goes well and you'll relax and enjoy. Next week is sure to be better.

  3. Man, that is a crappy week! I am over this weather big time! you need a holiday.....wink wink!


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