Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home again, home again.....jiggitty jig.

It's always good to go away, buy even better to arrive back home. Yes i am a homebody. We had a fun weekend in Melbourne, we stayed with friends, one of whom was having a birthday party - thankfully the weather was very kind this trip (whenever we stay with these friends it always rains!).   We made it to the Creepy Crawlies Sand Sculptures this time - it was well worth the visit............i was amazed at the size & detail that went into each sculpture. Previous to our visit some of the sculptures had been damaged by rain, so we got to witness the artists repairing their work, which was also very interesting. My favourite would've had to have been the dog with the 'flea circus' on it's back.
After our visit to the sculptures the kids had a chance to splash around at the beach, they had a ball - the beach was fantastic for them because it had very little waves which is much different to the Ninety Mile beach that they are used to where the usually get bowled over by the waves. 
Amity has just left for a few nights sleepover with Nan & Pa & soon Chas will have my cousin's boy come here for a sleepover - he's very excited! And me........i'm trying to catch up with all the washing & vegies that are thriving in our garden - lots of tomatoes & zucchinis at the moment. Yum.

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