Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, here i am. I honestly don't have much of an idea what i am doing at the moment - so please be patient with me! My poor blog looks a little 'simple' at the moment, but hopefully once i get going i'll be able to correct my off-centre title, garish colours & perhaps even change the title (as soon as i think of a better one).
So who am i? I am the very lucky mum to my gorgeous son & two beautiful girls & we are fortunate enough to live in rural victoria. I am all about handmade, homebaked & homegrown................i enjoy sewing, vintage baby clothing, local history, fresh flowers, sunny days, jasmine tea, embroidery, cakes & sweets, fabric, cocktail rings, new clothes, long scenic drives, vintage storybooks, fresh bread, old photos, picnics, kids fashion & my favourite magazines. I hope to share all this with you - snippets of my life, things i make, links to things i love & perhaps a few recipes thrown in too. So sit back, relax & enjoy this journey with me!

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