Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What i am doing - In June.

Remember when you were little & the adults would say "the older you get the faster the year goes by"? Yep. Well i'm one of those adults now & i really can't believe how quickly June has come upon us - we are half way through the year already! Sheesh. Anyway, here's what i am up to.....

:: listening to chas reading. love it.
:: cooking homemade steak & mushie pies in my pie maker.....mmm
:: drinking Black Tea.....straight black, no sugar - that's how i like it.
:: reading Nothing prepared me! By Edna Eckford Quilty. A woman's bio of living on a cattle station in the outback. Great story.
:: wanting  Spring already.
:: looking Forward to our first market, i'm very excited.
:: playing With my photos over at Picnik. fun, fun, fun.
:: remembering when chas & amity were scarlett's age....doesn't seem so long ago
:: sewing  Cute little houses - stay tuned.
:: wishing i could go on a massive clothes shopping trip, so many sales on at the moment
:: enjoying the cows in the paddocks around us, cos we just found out they ain't going to be paddocks for much longer : (
:: waiting for the phone to ring
:: liking  Scarlett's love of having a book read to her
:: wondering why on earth did i have to have a coffee after 13 years of not drinking it? it was ewww.
:: loving a long weekend & this weekend is a four day one for us!
:: hoping i get a job soon
:: believing good things come to those who wait  
:: wearing pj's & dressing gown.
:: following The Stripe Mania board over at Pinterest
:: considering  dressing my girls matching.....what the??? always said i'd never do that.
:: knowing i just want to hibernate, it is soooo cold here at the moment
:: noticing stripes are everywhere.
:: thinking just looked in my wardrobe - i think i'm a cardigan junkie
:: needing some 'nice' boyish fabrics
:: giggling at this.....so, so funny - i was literally lol!
:: organizing goodies for our market - did i mention i'm getting excited?
:: feeling hopeful

Sorry no photo today, i'm too cold & lazy to go get the camera & cable........it's freezing!! Hope you all stay warm & cozy this June.

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  1. I followed your link to the misspelling on FB and only got as far as the second one before I was in tears. OMG that is so funny.
    Thanks for sharing that one. xo Jo


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