Sunday, December 9, 2012


This weekend we discovered perfection.
I just finished a full-time working week - six full days - something this mumma isn't used to! So all i wanted was a relaxing commitment free weekend to chill with my family.
Saturday morning we wandered around our local craft market & purchased a few new plants, local honey, strawberries & some rocks...........yes rocks, my kids love them.
After lunch Chas asks "what can we do today?", it was quite a warm day so I said "let's go find some water!" So we decided to pack a quick bag, then headed for the hills in search of a little creek to dip our toes in.
I totally love these spontaneous moments.
After a couple of stops to find a suitable spot that didn't have waist high snake ridden grass to wade through, we found the perfect spot.

We found our new favourite spot to hang this summer. 
The water was amazing - i was quite surprised, we've had a couple of cooler days and it was our first warm one in a little while - but it was definitely not cold.
We had the best time playing in the water, exploring the creek, chasing floating thongs, eating watermelon and collecting rocks. (Yes, more kitchen bench looks like a quarry right now).

We have plans to return to our spot over summer.
Then we returned home to cook homemade burgers and sit out under the tree in the backyard for some alfresco dining..................ahhh summer............i completely adore thee!
I'm now all relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle a week's worth of  ironing................back to reality!

How do you plan to spend your summer days?

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