Thursday, January 27, 2011

What i am doing.

:: making a felt DS cover for Chas
:: cooking lots of things with the abundant zucchinis in our vegie patch
:: drinking Jasmine green tea - my beverage of choice
:: reading Twilight - struggling to see what all the fuss is over, sorry
:: wanting my two big kids to settle into school happily this year
:: looking at my dirty floors - on my to do list today
:: playing with my real-life dolls, i like making my girls pretty
:: wasting time on the pc........yep. again.
:: sewing a pretty little floral top for Scarlett, wish it was in my size
:: wishing Frankie would come out monthly
:: enjoying summer. bliss
:: waiting for a new issue of some decent magazines to come out
:: liking the colour yellow at the moment
:: wondering who's reading my blog? anyone?
:: loving jamie oliver. the kids think he's my boyfriend *blush*
:: hoping i can learn to crochet this year
:: marvelling at how quickly my baby girl is growing - she's almost one. sheesh
:: needing to cut my toe nails - yep, still
:: smelling my new raspberry & honey candle, yum
:: wearing jeans, my favourite white top, a yellow cardi & the above thongs
:: following SeeBeArt photo a day. awesome photography
:: noticing families are getting bigger
:: knowing three kids are enough for us!
:: thinking i could never live without chocolate
:: bookmarking this. my latest blog find
:: opening the freezer - what to have for dinner tonight?
:: giggling at Amity's first crush - she really misses Jack
:: feeling content

So, what are you doing?


  1. You are a busy little bee. I am working in my office. Number one and two are probably eating all the food in the house and watching dvds, while number 3 has her earmuffs on watching daddy grind under a car. Your list sounds more exciting......

  2. what a rad post!

    i am jealous of your zucchinis. i didnt get a single one from my vegie patch cos of all the rain we had up here.

    kel x

    p.s - im waiting for the new magazine issues to come out too :)

  3. I love reading all this, I am having a few little giggles here and there. Thankyou for sharing this with me. xxx


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