Friday, February 15, 2013

This Girl.

Oh this girl! Our Scarlett Isabella..........let me tell you about our little girl.
She loves her dolls, being a little mum pushing them around in their strollers - she'll make a great mum oneday - oh, but lordy help them if they step out of line!
She's a good eater and loves to graze all day, watermelon, potato cakes and  hardboiled eggs are her favourite foods.
She has an obsession with Peppa Pig, bandaids and her nigh nighs.
She has a thing for numbers and counting, she counts almost everything she sees and eight is her favourite number.
She adores her older brother and sister and misses them when their at school and will often ask if we can pick the kids up. She loves her cousins too and calls them her best friends.
She is my mini-me, she looks so much like me at the same age it's freaky.

She's scared of spiders, snakes, crabs and Oscar the Grouch.
She's a wanderer. One minute she's there, next she's gone. She loves to explore by herself and does not worry where i am. I need eyes in the back of my head. She'll be a traveller oneday, for sure.
She's becoming a good little talker, we've had some wonderful conversations lately. She comes out with some funny things quite often!
She's a night owl, it's often a struggle to get her to bed and to stay in it - and she's usually always the last one up every morning.
She's a people magnet, people just love her. She'll be your friend for life.

And this little munckin of ours turned three years old today! Happy Birthday beautiful girl, you make our hearts smile every single day xxx


  1. happy birthday to your beautiful girl with a beautiful name.

  2. She sounds like a darling little girl with big dreams and a big heart. Happy birthday sweet girl, may all your dreams come true. Melinda x


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