Friday, February 1, 2013

This week.

Wow, what a crazy busy week we've had........
{*Warning photo overload*}

Last weekend, my 83 year old great uncle married for the first time. 
It was a lovely wedding, in a gorgeous little town and it was great fun catching up with all the rellies.

We frocked up in our finery. 
The girls were so excited to be at a wedding (Amity's face says it all!), they had an absolute ball dancing their little hearts out with their cousins. 
Unfortunately Chas doesn't do weddings - it would've been nice to have him in the photo too..........but sometimes it just isn't worth the drama.

We enjoyed the last few days of the summer holidays, hung out with friends and cuddled some cute little critters.

This little girl 'got' the whole swimming thing this summer and now there's no stopping her! She has been in the pool almost everyday.........i think we may have another little fish in the family.


Yesterday it was back to school for the two big kids - Grades Two and Three this year. 
Don't they just look so excited to go? 
Thankfully they came home in a much better mood and chatted happily about their day and catching up with their friends.
This week i  have also been busy working and running the shop while the boss is away, so that has meant lots of extra hours for me. Unfortunately i've come down with a horrible head cold and i feel rather yucky.
Bad timing - soldier on mumma.
And whilst i'm here yacking away..........i'm wondering if any of you have attempted Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar eight week detox? I have read a few articles about the book recently and am alarmed at the sugar facts and the amount we are consuming - so i headed off to get the book (twice) and flicked through it and then thought "who am i kidding?! I am the biggest sweet tooth ever! I could never quit sugar". So (twice) i put it back on the shelf.
But i can't seem to get the book out of my head - your thoughts would be appreciated! Is this just another fad diet? Is it worth the whole lifestyle change?
I hope you've all had a great week. x


  1. how lovely for your Uncle (and new Aunty!).
    Have not heard of Sarah Wilson's book but will get it from the library soon and report back to you. I KNOW I consume way too much sugar and now I'm living alone, maybe willing to try something different???????

  2. I have cut back on sugar. And feel wayyyyyy better. We really need to catch up and discuss this further. I am over 9kg lighter! :)


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