Monday, February 18, 2013

What i am February.

So one minute it's Christmas and the next we're in February. Sweet, old romantic February.
Pour a wine, make a cuppa, grab a juice........whatever tickles your fancy and i'll let you in on the goss for this month.

listening ::  To the news, always so depressing.
cooking ::  Tomatoes are finally ripe, so i've just popped some in the oven to slow roast. mmmm.
drinking ::  Sugarless coffee - not as bad as i thought.
reading  ::  'Jessica' by Bryce Courtaney, an old fave i'm reading for about the 10th time.
watching ::  SBS 24hours in A & E. I'm a sucker for these shows.
pondering :: What else i can create in the kitchen with my plethora of zucchinis.....
sewing ::  Going to sew some of these simple cushions.
wishing ::  The house would just.stay.tidy.
enjoying ::  The massive clean outs i've been having.
missing ::  Lazy summer holiday mornings.
waiting ::  For some cooler weather so i can wear my awesome new ankle boots.
looking ::  forward to watching my boy race tomorrow.
liking :: That i won a giveaway and received a sweet little package in the mail.
wondering ::  Where on earth Scarlett has left her new thongs?!
loving ::  That my very talented friend started her own photography business.
hoping :: These beautiful summer nights hang around for a while.
organizing :: A little family get together for our niece's 21st birthday.
believing ::  Some people can never be pleased.
wearing :: Black maxi skirt and tie-dye tank.
considering :: Buying a dress for a wedding that we haven't got an invite for yet. Silly?
knowing ::  Nothing better than home grown corn and tomatoes.
noticing ::  Patterned pants everywhere. So cool.
thinking ::  Three is a wonderfully fun age.
needing ::  An adventure, haircut and new fridge.
marvelling :: At how quickly easter comes along after Christmas.
trying ::  To finish this list before February ends.
feeling ::  Very proud of my three babies right now.

Lots of goodness coming in from The Patch this month.

If you do a list, leave me a comment and let me know so i can visit and read what you're up to.
Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful February too. xxx

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