Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You'll find me here.

I've found some awesome new places to hang lately and i've also been re-visiting some old faves too.
Come check out my new hangs...........

Moose & Bird :  I'm enjoying Melinda back blogging again, she is a wonderfully creative mumma who turns everything she touches into pretty - even zucchini cake! 

I heart bargains:  A fabulous site full of fashion, great looks and out-fitting advice. Looking for something in particular? All the bargain hunting is done for you with everything under $100. I actually used to work with Chelsea waaaay back in the day, she has done an amazing job with her site.

Pinterest: Certainly an old fave. Whenever i'm looking for inspiration whether it's something to cook, an outfit to put together, new crafty project, ideas for the home............i head straight here. My day isn't complete with out a visit to Pinterest Land!

Under The Sycamore: I have been visiting Ashley Ann's blog for a while now, she is a super-amazing mum of five, who's positivity and gratefulness for everything always makes my heart smile - you just can't help being in a good mood when your reading her blog. And her home..............oh my.......i want to move in there tomorrow.

Katie Daisy:  What an awesome artist! Seriously, i could have one of her prints hanging on every wall in my house. Love what she does.

Oh So Lovely Vintage:  Oh the eye candy! Such a cute place to hang. I've only just recently found this lovely little place (i know, where have i been?), but i'm enjoying going through their achives.

So where are your favourite places to hang in cyberland? Share with me your new cool places to hang or your old favourites...........i love finding a nice new cozy spot.

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